Rev specs according to IGN

Wow, it’s faster than the Cube, but seemingly low powered in comparison to the 360 and PS3. They are really going for the “value” market. I can see why, but that can also bite you in the ass by creating a perception of cheapness, much like the way value titles are perceived even if it’s not the case.

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I think Nintendo’s cachet is enough to prevent people from associating it with Valusoft or what have you. I mean there are lots of people that still use “play Nintendo” as a generic description of gaming.

No one is going to avoid the Revolution because it’s “too cheap”. They might avoid it because of Nintendo’s “kiddie” image, or because they sneer at its crappy specs and omg PS3 has 8 billion gigahertz, but the price point is a definite (and possibly the greatest) positive.

That seems much lower than expected, even with the already low expectations. 88 mb ram? Can it really be economical to have barely more ram than the gamecube? NO added shaders over the gamecube? That’s totally crazy. Unless they have a radical plan to sell it for 100 dollars.

I’d expect Revolution to launch at between $99-$149.

I’m guessing $149, they have to have somewhere to go with it when price drops come in later in the system’s lifecycle.

What did GC launch at again?

I think that’s the key. At that price and with Nintendo’s history of quality gaming titles, I’ll certainly buy it.

it looks pretty much like what I thought it would. It’s basically Gamecube x 2. Same basic CPU and GPU features, roughly double clock rates, roughly double RAM. The architecture is going to be super-similar. They’re going going to screw with emulation to get back-compat with gamecube (emulating a NES and SNES is easy, though). Since they won’t do hi-def, I think it’s overall power will be fairly appropriate. The whole thing fits with their basic principle of “let’s expand the market by making simpler, more accessible games and cheaper hardware.”

Dunno what it’ll cost them to ship those fancy controllers, but I’m guessing the total package is $149-199. At $149, I’d buy one.

Eh. I’m not even going to click on the link.

Nintendo had state of the art technology in the N64, and I always played my Gameboy a great deal more than it, my least favorite Nintendo system. (Then again, I never even bought an N64 and just sponged off people who had one.) And for the last five years, Nintendo has been putting out many of their best games with graphics technology that has been around for a good 10 to 15 years. One of their best games from last year relies on nothing more than a rudimentary wireframe professor and workbook graphics. Mother 3, for the GBA, has my attention more than any next generation, PS2 or Gamecube game.

It will be nice to see all the things that are done with the super-powerful next generation machines, but I wouldn’t mind playing Gamecube games for another five years, let alone PS2, which still has stunning, breathtaking works for it, and the Gamecube is supposed to be more powerful.

This is Nintendo’s thing. They’ve shown some neat tricks in their games before (Mode 7, when it first came out, I suppose) but I’m never associated Nintendo as a graphics progressive company.

I could care less, but I’m not even going to try. :P

These are video games, with an emphasis on the video elements. The music and the graphics go together to produce something greater than a normal game. So I wouldn’t wish to claim graphics aren’t as important. But you can emphasize the video element without being graphically sophisticated with all the newest rendering technology behind the hood.


They seem to be going the same route with the Revolution as they did with the DS. Forget the spec race and make something that stands seperate in the games area.

Good lord.

Maybe in gaming circles, but to penetrate the casual gamer market they are aiming for how do they get past that perception when someone sees the latest PS3 or 360 on an HDTV at Best Buy and then a Rev game? They won’t always have time to sit there and play, so looks will have to make an impression. Not saying the Rev is going to be a slouch, it’s just going to be A/B’ed all the time with the other 2. That gap is only going to get more obvious as time goes on as well when devs start to really push the PS3 and 360.

Yeah, and I really can’t see how the DS will ever be able to compete against the PSP in the casual gamer market. I mean, someone will look at a game playing on the PSP in the store, and then they’ll look at the DS, and there’s no way they’ll go with the Nintendo, right?

Man, Nintendo is screwed. They should go back to making playing cards.

What’s with the “MBs” stuff? Are we pluralizing that now? They could’ve at least stayed consistent and said “MHzes” as well.

Twice as powerful as the Gamecube, or slightly faster than the original Xbox… sounds good enough to me. I don’t have an HDTV and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. Nor a 360 for that matter, and probably not a PS3 before the first price drop either. I’d rather save a few hundred euros and get my hands on that new controller. Also, Zelda!

I guess these are true, but still it surprises me. Didn’t ATI say that nintendo invested the same budget for it’s next-gen GPU then microsoft? It’s a bit strange to end up with an exact 1.5 gamecube GPU as a result.

I’ll buy one on releaseday for sure, but still I expected the specs to be a little higher. On the bright side, it’ll be cheap.

And quiet. And small. And not overheat. And not have a power supply you can use as a morning star.

This is a stealth bomber of the highest proportions. They’ll get out-hyped, but I’m pretty sure people will see through it. THey might end up with the same situation they have with the DS - the Japanese public doesn’t care as much about ZOMG GRAFIX, but the US public tends to be a bunch of lemmingish morons.

Just to make it clear, I don’t doubt it might be more succesful then the gamecube (certainly in japan). I love nintendo developed games - but I would’ve wanted the hardware (especially the gpu) to be a bit more powerful.

If you listen to the current execs from Sony and Microsoft, I’m not sure they’ll even be hyped against at all, let alone out-hyped. Every time I hear someone from the two sluggers talking about Nintendo, it’s in this reverent Super-Coop-esque ‘A… New Way?’

Some more details from Chris Morris on CNN:

The Revolution won’t have a hard drive, though, raising questions about where owners will be able to store games obtained from the system’s “Virtual Console” (a service that will allow them to download virtually every game for previous Nintendo home systems, as well as select titles from the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx systems). […]

The Revolution has 512 MB of flash memory, allowing for some initial storage space. The system also has a slot for SD memory cards, which are widely used in digital cameras and can hold a greater amount of data. Most importantly, Iwata mentioned, were the USB ports that are built into the Revolution “so practically any storage method can be used”.

I suppose that means the Revolution won’t need a memory card to save games even though it doesn’t have a hard disk.