Review: Force Unleashed

Picture Vader in the conference room in “Star Wars,” raising his hand to choke the guy and then delivering the line, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Now imagine if he raised his hand and instead accidentally crushed the speakerphone in the center of the conference table. Awkward. Would he pretend he meant to do that? Or would he fumble around and try again, destroying more appliances and furniture in the process before eventually choking the faithless guy? Because that’s what would happen in Force Unleashed.

Thumbs down.

I’m only halfway through the junkyard level and I can agree with everything in that review already. Bugs, bosses, and even that wonderfully poignant apprentice introduction.

Actually that one cutscene is “forcing” me to put up with this dissapointing game. It’s 2008’s Stranglehold, a game concept so solid, it could have slept walk itself to classic status, but development boobery made the wrong left turns.

I agree with every single thing in Tom’s review.

Honestly if they’d made a CG movie out of this instead of Clone Wars, they might have had an actual hit on their hands.

It probably would have been the best Star Wars related film property since 1983…

Oh and can I add how irritating the menu loading is? I never even want to upgrade myself because of them. As if it needed more reasons to disengage me from the game.

Yowzers. Fuck star wars indeed.

Man, I don’t want to bait them into saying it, but if someone comes into this thread and says what I think they’re going to say, I’m pointing back up here and saying I called it.

And if I don’t refer back to this, you can all just laugh at me and point back to this post yourselves whenever I say something else stupid.

man what “you can’t grab me shields”? blocking a lightsaber with a cutlass?

Some of the stormtroopers have protective shields that prevent you from grabbing them or using other Force powers on them until you whack them with the lightsaber a couple times. The really annoying ones have shields and flamethrowers and blow up when you kill them.

Haha, I don’t even need to read the review after that paragraph :)

Hmm. Do the Wii controls provide any redemption for this one?

Who secretly replaced the Apprentice’s lightsaber with a glowing wooden stick in this game?

We are here at a Superstar Destroyer, where we’ve secretly replaced the midichlorians in the blood of this young Jedi with Folgers crystals. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!

I liked the game, but it certainly has some odd decisions. The level design is what bothered me the most. It’s very confusing at parts and the save points are irritating.

I’m finding my enjoyment declining with each successive level - I suppose due to the hamstringing of the powers.

I’m actually using my Nerfsaber most of the time, which sucks.

I was hoping for better reviews, any chance the Wii version will be any more fun I wonder?

I rented both, but I’m not sure I’m even going to put the Wii version in out of curiosity. I’m going to push through the main game - simply for interest in the story - and see if there’s anything to get out of it with more stuff unlocked.

I rented the PS3 version of the game. I’m enjoying being a bad ass Dark Jedi but my major gripe was mentioned by Tom: the crappy targeting system for the Force powers.

Tom, thanks for linking to the youtubes of all the cutscenes in the recent Fidgit. The demo left me rather unimpressed what with the inexplicable targetting system choice (hey, how did Vader force-choke that guy behind him in the first cutscene? He’s using some kind of cheat code to target outside of his character facing!), and I probably wouldn’t have watched them otherwise. That’s good stuff, and reminds me of a time when Star Wars was pre-Fucked.

The Save option does nothing. Also, halfway through the second world and it’s locked up on me twice.

Otherwise, however, I’m loving it. Of course, I love these types of games.

Yeah, that’s pretty funny. But I guess if you pick up anything since the last checkpoint that would be helpful.