[Review] Midnight Protocol hacks into the sweet spot between storytelling and strategy


I was thinking of keeping the Demo installed purchasing the game and see what happens.

I mentioned this before, and he said in the post you’re responding to that he answered all the emails. But in the screenshots he posted, the first one looks like he has an outstanding email issue. The dot next to [E]mail is clearly saying that’s where he needs to go to progress the game. But then the dot is missing in the second screenshot he posted, where he’s not showing Bridge or Encryption in his [A]ddress list.

@Sonoftgb, did you make any progress with the saved game I posted? I’m really curious to find out what was going on with your game, whether it was a bug or a feedback issue.


Sorry, Tom. We just found out about a major SNAFU in our immigration status, and it needs to be cleared up today or tomorrow. I’ll get back to the game as soon as I can.

I purchased the game and installed without removing the demo version.

When the actual game installed it automatically removed my demo icon on my desktop and replaced it with the new icon.

When I started the game my save slot 1 from the demo was still listed but the game would not allow me to play it. I had to start on a new save slot and the game has worked as expected.

Good luck, I hope it can be worked out.

Sounds good. Thanks

Question about one of the early missions Treasure Island


Is taking money from these financial nodes stealing from Clover? It sounded that way from the message I got when I broke into the Vault in “The Playground”.

Thanks, it will be. It’s just a huge PITA to deal with

I’d like to thank Tom for solving my save problem. Unfortunately, no such luck.

Thanks, anyway.

When you load the saved game, you don’t see the missions for Bridge and Encryption in the [A]ddress section? Those seem to be the missing factors from your saved game.

Could I trouble you to send me your saved game? Maybe I might notice something you didn’t?


P.S. Ah, it looks like the folks at Lugus have gotten involved on Steam and they’re reading this thread. We’ll get you fixed up one way or another, Mr. TGB!

Thanks @tomchick for bringing this game to light - especially when it is part of Humble Choice. I was going to pause, but grabbed it for this game and it hasn’t disappointed. I’ve played a couple hacking games before, like Hacknet which I did not like at all. This game is awesome.

Very easy to understand, makes you think about your moves but not crazy difficult, at least so far. And it feels like I’m hacking. Sometimes I get drawn into games I ultimately don’t like because when you like something, your enthusiasm in your writing makes it sound awesome (hmmm Conquest of Elysium). We are on the same page about this one.

Mr. TGB is his father. Call him Son.

The only hacking game I played for any good amount of time was Uplink. It was neat but definitely got repetitive and I never got very far in the story even after I successfully robbed a bank.

Even if you are behind 7 proxies and scrub your IPs from the logs they still get you unless you follow this tricky guide that feels like an exploit.

That’s not true if you route through InterNIC and delete your logs is it? Unless you mean the active trace, in which case 7 proxies is nothing. Every time I find a new server it gets added to the chain.

Tom’s save file fixed my problem, so thanks again

he should get a raise, totally underpaid support staffer.

I find it kind of funny that the game’s marketing uses the image of a young woman’s face that vaguely resembles that of Angelina Jolie, whom we all know was in Hackers at the tender age of 18. Was she ever in another movie where she played a hacker?

Anyway, I started to play this and it seems pretty cool, so I’ll keep it up. Seems a bit more approachable than Hacknet (although that game’s OST is pretty bangin).


I failed at Japanese (had to drop 2 years in due to work and paternity) and marathon running (21km is plenty, thx). But the recent translations of War and Peace are surprisingly brisk reads, and the novel is amazing (I read the Briggs translation, and it is among my favorite books). You can do it!

Just got this on Eneba for less than 1/2 of 1 Euro. Activated fine on Steam.