Reviews like this make me cry in my little heart box

Maybe I am just getting old, but why does the new crop of PC gamers have such hate against older engines being used for new games? Take this review for example:

His primary complaint is that the engine is old blah blah blah, and that of course colors his statements about the gameplay which are completely off base (A 7? Fuck YOU!)

Apparently pathfinding that is AS POOR as BG2’s and bugs that are probably related to his hardware/drivers = -3 against gameplay. He also states the AI needs an update, yet the enemy AI in IWD2 is probably some of the best in all the IE games!

Arhg. Cry.

I don’t know, I never made it all the way through BG2 and haven’t played any of the Icewind games, but it seems like he’s got a legitimate complaint about a problem that existed in previous games that hasn’t been fixed (the pathfinding). It doesn’t sound like it’s the age alone he’s holding against the game, it’s the age of the problems and the fact that they haven’t been addressed. Seems ok to me.

Droping the gameplay score by 30% is a legitimate complaint over pathfinding and his PERSONAL hardware/software/driver issues? His complaints over the AI’s pathfinding are completely overblown. The gameplay itself is only affected in an extremely marginal way. As for his crashing issues I have been on the IWD2 forums and I see VERY few complaints over hardware/software crashing bug issues unlike the guy’s holy grail of gaming NWN which did nothing but corrupt saves and modules wholesale.

As for the rest of the complaints over the aging engine I would take a good game on an OLD engine over a average game on a flawless engine anyway. “Blah blah didn’t take advantage of new compression techniques, blah blah it looks hold.”

So problems that didn’t hold back BG, BG2, and Torment from getting several trillion awards are enough to make a game a 6-point-freakin’-5?

He’s full of crap. Methinks he’s letting the graphics get to him.

IWD2 is probably the best Infinity engine to date, especially in terms of pure gameplay.

Everyone knows that if it doesn’t look good and/or let you kill cops, it sucks. As for the guy’s sofware/hardware problems, what do you expect, that everyone who plays a game has a degree in electrical engineering? If this game doesn’t figure out how to work, it’s not worth my time.


Anyway, just look at that site. What did they do, test it on one computer at 1280x960? Why don’t I stop being a lazy bastard and put up my own site? If these morons can do it, I sure as hell can…

Two things:

  1. Just because some morons can make a moronic site doesn’t mean you can make a great one. Not saying you can’t, but don’t just add to the mess that is the Interweb. :)

  2. To have a really good website, you need me. I have no actual web experience in about 5-6 years now, have never written a review in my life, and I whine like a little girly when I don’t get my way… But damn it all to hell if I’d let anyone ever post a review on a site I was a part that went like that.

  3. Someone give me a job dammit! (the whining like a girly part is not only true, but I’m REALLY good at it. Can’t you just see me working at your company?)

As for the original topic. Sure, the engine isn’t what it once was…but I have not once thought I’d rather be playing in the NWN engine.

NWN Engine = a lot of the same looking places…because they use the same exact tiles in each city, in each forest, in each rural area, etc. I’m not saying the engine isn’t pretty, but it sure as hell doesn’t enough different settings/art.

IWD2 Engine = Lots of time and effort was put into the art in this game, just like the last one. I’ve been highly impressed with the level of detail in the game.

That was a pretty bad review. The review tells you nearly nothing about the gameplay, and makes comparisons to other RPGs that aren’t really supported by any concrete information.

And yeah, I have to say that the whole “old engine = bad” argument gets on my nerves…oh, and am I correct in saying that “the old Infinity interface” he refers to has been pretty seriously revamped? I don’t have the game yet but that’s what I recall reading elsewhere…

It’s completely revamped. It looks almost nothing like the old one.

Terrible review, from a site I’ve never heard of.

Haha, the reader review score is quite different. Go Icewind Dale 2.

I have a terrible feeling this quality title will be forgotten :(

All this review needs to attain true greatness is for all the question marks to be replaced by the sequence: “!!!1!!!”

As you’re noticing, it’s probably already forgotten. Technology marches on and any game made with tech that’s even from last year gets forgotten by the rabid tech enamored reviewers and game fans. It’s a shame, but it’s unfortunately true. The promise of “bigger and better” is just too much for so many people to actually enjoy great gameplay anymore.

Play it and enjoy it, but don’t expect ID2 to be any kind of “hit”.