Revisiting my roots

This Saturday I’m off on my semi-annual journey to Weirs Beach, NH for a day at FunSpot with some equally loser-ish friends of mine. They’ve got over 150 classic arcade games and at least 40 pinball machines (including my personal favorite, “Fun House”).

My buddy has drawn up our itinerary:

8:00am - meet at Richmond, VT park and ride
10:00am - arrive at Atlas Fireworks in Belmont, NH
11:00am - arrive at Funspot in Weirs, NH
12:00pm - break for lunch
12:30pm - play video games
2:00pm - drink beer
2:20pm - play video games (possibly pinball)
3:30pm - drink beer
3:50pm - play games
4:30pm - drink beer
4:50pm - use rest of tokens playing skeeball to win fabulous prizes
6:00pm - go get dinner
7:00pm - head back to VT
9:30pm - arrive at Richmond, VT park and ride

Any classic games you guys want me to play in your stead?

Dragon’s Lair

That’s an awesome day. I’m probably making the pilgrimage to FunSpot sometime this summer when I go up to visit my brother in NH.

Looking at the list, I think you gotta play some Food Fight, After Burner in the moving cockpit, Moon Patrol, and pretty much anything of the cocktail variety.

Being an East Coast transplant, I’d never heard of this place. Now my girlfriend and I are totally making a day trip to this place.

They have Quartet!!!

If you do go, don’t forget to print out the Internet Coupon for a dose of extra tokens.

Double Dragon and Golden Axe, please.

Wizard of Wor, Track and Field and some Gauntlet for me please. Don’t forget to SHOOT THE FOOD.

I recall having a blast at the go-kart track across the street, too.

Samurai Shodown 1 and 2. Not that the others are bad, and not that they’re the most classic of classic arcade games, but my friends and I dumped so many quarters into Neogeo machines thanks to SS 1 & 2 that we should all be majority shareholders in SNK-Playmore.

Is fun house the one with the ‘riiide the ferris wheel’ voice clip?

No, I think that’s Cyclone.

Fun House


Seconded. My high school lunch periods consisted of nothing but table tennis and Samurai Shodown. Genjuro FTW.

Golden Axe
Smash TV

Every time you put in a credit you have to take a drink.

Wow! That looks pretty awesome greg. Love the ventriliquist dummy head.

If they don’t have Bad Dudes, fuck em.


Damn ninjas, always flipping out and kidnapping people…

Dark Adventure
I don’t see it on the list, but Halley’s Comet was a SHMUP I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s been a few years since I was there, so maybe it broke.
Rastan isn’t there anymore either? Man.

Do they still have the candy cranes? That was always where our last couple of tokens went.

The best part about your day will be being able to play all those games multiplayer, the ones you could never afford to have a good go at when you and your buddies were kids! Sounds great fun