Revolution Questions?

Couple of questions about the Revolution since I haven’t been paying any attention with the X360 release right around the corner.

  • Whats the expected release date? 2006, 2007?
  • I’ve read in some of the other threads that graphically it’s just going to be a souped up Gamecube. Is this fact or just speculation?

That new controller has me kind of excited to tell the truth. More so than I am even for the X60 or PS3.


The company line is “2006.” It used to be “Spring 2006,” but there’s no way in hell it’ll make that. I’m expecting Fall '06 at the earliest.

It’s supposed to be 3-4 times better than the Gamecube.

Is that… 3 to 4… or 3 minus 4… ?

Is that… 3 to 4… or 3 minus 4… ?[/quote]

As Aryabhata (I) calculated in his Aryabhatiya: r=-1g

It’s interesting to note that while the PS & PS2 had predominance in much of the Gupta Empire, the Gamecube was the most popular system in both Kusumapura and Ujjain, the two centers of mathematical learning of ancient India.