Rewearing 1-Day Contacts

I just got contacts for the first time. I don’t wear them everyday, so I bought a couple of sleeves of the Acuvue 1-Day disposables. But I’m a cheap bastard, so I was wondering if any of you had reused them. They’ve supposedly got about 12 hours of wear in them, so I was hoping I could stretch that out over a few different sessions.

Do any of you guys resoak and resuse 1-days? If so, how long do you go between wears?

I’m not sure about the 1 day kind, but I had a year supply of 3 month wear contacts for about 7 years. I never wore them more than a few times a week, usually no more than 8 hours at a time, so I figured I could stretch them out a bit. As far as I know, they shouldn’t have any ill effects on your eyes as long as they’re properly stored. I think the limited use ones will just eventually break down. I had a pair split in half on me while I was wearing them once, which wasn’t very fun.

The contact companies actually got sued about this - there is almost no difference between the various length contacts, just the packaging.



You can wear a contact until it is no longer comfortable to wear. They are essentially pieces of plastic. Clean them, and they’ll last a long ass time.

What he said. I always did that.

I had a pair that lasted for three years - after awhile they seemed to deteoriate and every time at the exact same place on the road one wanted to escape my eye. One day it finally did - it took me ten minutes of driving and stopping to find it, after which it was like a piece of wrapping paper and tore.

The other thing about disposables - they sure are handy when you lose one or two, you don’t have to worry a lot about replacements.

So is the lesson here to buy disposables and wear them as long as you can?

— Alan

I get the Acuvue2 one-week models and routinely wear them a month or so, popping them in usually every day for at least eight hours. Can’t get much beyond the four weeks, though, as they start breaking down and I get itchy, watery eyes.

There’s nothing quite like a lens splitting while on your eyeball. Man, that hurts. Only for a second, but it’s so surprising that it comes as a huge shock.

Yeah my sister uses them for weeks and she hasn’t gone blind (yet).

I use one days, but dispose of them daily. Im not comfortable with the risk from infections and parasites even with a decent disinfection kit. Its why I switched from the 3 month ones.

I don’t wear contacts very often, so I have the Accuvue one-days. My eye doc says it’s fine to re-use them as long as you clean and store them properly. My eyeballs haven’t fallen out…yet.

Eh, I’ll just wear a cool eyepatch like Captain Harlock.