RHCP Stadium Arcadium

I just downloaded the latest Chili Peppers album from iTunes and am just up to the second track… the kickass basslines and free flowing guitar licks of Bloodsugarsexmagic are back… if they keep this up throughout the album this might be the best release of this year for this guy that still rocks out to Give it Away.

THANK YOU for posting that the album is good and has a back to the old school feel. I was so frustrated when they didn’t release it last Tuesday as promised that I said fuck it, I will wait to hear reviews instead of just buying it unheard as I had been ready to do.

RHCP was one of the top bands of the 90s. No need to qualify rocking out to their older shit. Hehe.

Excellent. By the Way was a big disappointment, we are back to Apache Rose Peackock land?

The old stuff is where it’s at. I still rock out to “True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes” on occasion.

I’ve finished the first disc of the double disc album. This is going to get a lot of play. If you like to rock out/funk out/groove out, this is a must-buy.

Bought it this weekend, so far it’s only OK. It’s more like Californication than By the Way, but I like BSSM a lot more, still.

I can’t imagine them playing this music wearing only socks.

I am cool with the music, but their singer makes me want to drive nails into my ears. I can’t stand the sound of his voice, and his pretentious, ridiculous ‘look how creative I am’ lyrics.

I think it was a good mix of old and new. It’s got the nice old funk bass and the classic licks, but it also has some of the softer tone from their later stuff. Currently my favorite album so far this year. Though as with almost all double albums there are a couple songs that I would’ve cut, but it’s still great.

Yeah it’s a bit lower-key than either BSSM or Californication, but I’m feeling it a little bit at a time. Two discs is alot of music to get through while actually listening.

I just heard their album, Stadium Arcadium. It’s pretty awesome. Since I don’t own it yet, I’ve been listening to the entire album on Napsterlinks.


You can click on the link above, and enter your email address to hear all the full length songs.

All hail the Stringent Vetting Policy

Yeah that dude seriously needs to register in the VM thread or something.

But what if he’s actually Legs McNeil??? Boy, we’d all look pretty stupid, I bet!