RIAA to offer amnesty to file sharers

Link: http://au.news.yahoo.com/030904/11/lkfp.html

Don’t know if this is only in Australia.

“According to sources, the RIAA will not pursue legal action if infringers delete all unauthorized music files from their computers, destroy all copies (including CD-Rs) and promise not to upload such material in the future.”

“Each infringing household member will have to send a completed, notarized amnesty form to the RIAA, with a copy of a photo ID. Those who renege on their promise will be subject to charges of willful copyright infringement.”

Photo ID? So they can identify you better online? :lol:

Weird. How, exactly, is the RIAA to confirm that they have destroyed all copies of everything? Or is it just a “take it on good faith” sort of deal?

Actually, it’s a “get a lot of publicity for free with a stupid stunt” sort of deal.

Actually, it’s a “find out who the file-sharers were in the past, get their name, address, and other pertinent information, and then keep tabs on them to look for future infringements so we can have our test case.”

I didn’t think the RIAA was targeting anyone outside of the US. That’s what was being said a couple of months ago, anyways, when they first started talking about launching all these lawsuits.

I didn’t realize trade organizations had the power to grant amnesty to people. Next thing you know they’ll be offering asylum and issuing drivers licenses.

… well, Microsoft already offers passports. ;)