Riccitiello Out at EA

Indeed but again, that is setting a very low bar.

Change seems to imply EA will become even more conservative and franchise-driven than ever in terms of product lineup…for reasons that board of directors likely consider to be financially sound.

That’s already happened under Riccitiello. Compare his interviews and statements in the first two years compared to the stuff he said in the years afterwards. It happened around the time when games like Mirror’s Edge and Boom Blox tanked.

Maybe something good will come of this.

Yes, tried to push likes of Mirror’s Edge, Boom Blox, E.A. Create, Mirror’s Edge, etc. as new I.P.s in earlier years to capture new users and marketshare. By all indications, none of said new franchises, with possible exception of Dead Space, made much traction in the way of sales, which led to poorer numbers with each quarterly earning call, which then led to reactionary pullbacks in stock price.

Years later, certainly a different tune was played, presumably because board of directors and investors had had enough of poor sales, which both parties likely would have linked directly to experimentation with new I.P.s… Higher-ups and investors might then have put proverbial screws to Mr. Riccitiello & team to bring in more revenue to compensate for company’s previously flagging performance, hence developments such as company’s warmly regarded, universally lauded decision to add micro-transactions to games such as Dead Space 3. Executive presumably was already on thin ice, and one recent failure or another (Star Wars Old Republic, Origin, Sim City, take your pick) was the straw that broke this particular camel’s back.

All conjecture on my part, but picture seems to paint itself.

Nobody comes away looking good here, but not optimistic for future E.A. product line for reasons mentioned here.

And he’s only getting 2 more years of pay as his bonus for doing such a stand-up job that he’s resigning. Guess that’s where all those unprocessed SimCity refunds are going.

Oh piss off.

I am all eager to dance on his grave. Lets hope his golden parachute comes with a restrictive, always online DRM.

His biggest mistake - forgetting that customers are everything. Gamers are probably the most tolerant bunch, but you still can piss them off.

This only means that EA is not picky about worker’s orientation when they f**k them in the ass.

Well this thread is certainly going places.

I’m not exactly shedding any tears, here. It sucks for anyone to be out of a job, so there’s that. Of course, I’m sure he and his family will be just fine for many decades without having to lift a finger, so that somewhat deflates my typical level of care. With practically every opportunity to move IP’s in what I feel would be a positive direction, the company has gone the exact opposite direction while under his stewardship. I’m sure he’s not the devil incarnate, yet I can’t help but be a tiny bit hopeful that someone better will take his place.

I’ll just leave this here.

I’d be content with EA not nose diving their remaining IPs. I remain hopeful too, joker or not.

What exactly did Riccitiello accomplish while he was at EA?

According to EA: The transition into the market of digital games and services!

According to everyone else: losses of about $2.4b (and more probably depending on fiscal 2013).

Don’t forget using corporate assets to purchase his own company, a substantial portion of which (Pandemic) was shuttered almost immediately.

Wait, since when was Riccitiello responsible for Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space, et al? Those games came out like a year after he became CEO. They were greenlit well before that.

What is Dick doing these days? He might be the perfect man for the job at EA, or maybe Bobby Kotick even?

Take note that Riccitiello said that they’re below their forecasts for the current quarter. I’m sure a small part of that can still be attributed to to MoH Warfighter completely underperforming - EA probably originally expected it to sell stronger throughout the Winter much like BF3 did. But it also means that SimCity, Dead Space 3 and the other new games released this quarter aren’t quite the smashing successes they were described as - 1.1m sold or not.

Lucy Bradshaw for CEO?

Peter Moore has some words for Kotaku regarding the Riccitiello resignation.

“Kotaku reveling in what, due to their self-smugness, they don’t realize is a sad day for our industry, which is the platform on which they actually make money. John not only helped propel our company and interactive entertainment into new experiences, thus enticing millions of new people to become ‘gamers’, his work leading the ESA in recent years has helped ensure that we don’t experience the fate of the music industry,” Moore said of his former boss. “Sad loss for all of us who had the pleasure of working with him as we emerged from The Burning Platform.”