Rich and the 3Drealms debacle

Have you folks seen this? :D :D :D

It’s as good a date as any. Although I guess you can’t really tell 3DR to “put up or shut up,” since they shut up a long time ago.

Somebody already summed up my feelings here:

"Originally posted by Joe3DR:
[QB] Be curious to see what Rich has to say when DNF is released (When it’s done, of course).

Yes, we’ll drag him out of his retirement home, point our wrinkly fingers at him and cough laugh and cough choke laugh until our pacemakers burst."

Wow, now this guy is a die-hard Duke fan:

Got to agree with Mister_Lynyrd on us being die-hard fans. when I bought Duke 3D my eldest daughter was 3, I had a DX-2 66 computer with 8Mb RAM and my car was brand new.
Today I’m shoping bras for my daughter, I have a 2.26Ghz computer with 1G RAM and my car is falling appart.

Just to show how much time flies.

A good one from the thread:

“I love the fact that when the game is complete and released all those people who bagged and denigrated Joe, George and all of 3DR are going to be begging to see them and discuss things with them, every computer mag in the world will fall onto their knees and kiss some 3dr arse, hoping for an exclusive.”

Alright Mr. Green and Bauman, time to pucker up. :)

I doubt it. When its all said and done, given the farce of it all, 3DR would literally be begging for coverage because it would be in their best interests to get that coverage.

I’m just glad we finally had a baby, so that I know that an Atkin will live to see Duke Nukem Forever released someday.

Well, assuming my son has kids, anyway…

Seriously, 3DR should be grateful that people are making jokes about DNF. Otherwise, it’s a completely forgotten title.

Nah, I have a good relationship with Broussard and Miller, since I don’t try to strongarm them into sending screenshots or anything (which at least one magazine did in order to name them one of the “Most Anticipated” of some year… I guess the magazine’s definition of “Most Antiticpated” was “Whoever gives us exclusive artwork.”)

I talk with Scott from time to time, usually when I need a quote (he’s never short of opinions), and he could care less about what everyone thinks about their release dates, or lack thereof. We make fun of them from time-to-time, and they love the fact people discuss a game they know nothing about.

I don’t think 3DR even knows when this game is coming out. I sent an email to Broussard a while back asking to deny that Xbox-only rumor (which he did), and he hinted that the game would be out around the same time as RTCW.

That was a year ago.

I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they have the cash to fund the development-- they can take as long as they like.