Richard Gephardt

Earning his nickname.

I didnt even know Gephardt had a nickname… he seems too bland for one. What is it?

WHere does Gephardt stand on the Patriot Act, et al? The waggish snap interpretation from that story would be that he not just wants to keep the beast, he wants to feed it more ground steak.

Ok, what was in that yogurt I just ate?

The speech in question is non-Patriot act stuff like inspecting containers at ports and other related things that might have a chance of increasing security, at nominal cost.

He voted for the patriotic act (he’s actually pretty centrist, contrary to GOP propaganda), but now he’s being all “we need to go back and look at it and rebalance our priorities.” Thanks, you dipshit.

Hey, all the damn congress critters but one… or was it two? voted for the fuckin’ thing. Now there are second thoughts.

Um, “Elephant Man?” Or “Jonah Falcon?” Or just “Dick?” Notice the picture… ah, nevermind.