Richard Linklater's Hit Man

This is coming to Netflix at some future point. I think I read a little too much of the review before going into skim mode, realizing it’s revealing too much! It’s like watching a trailer, which I don’t do.

Yes, please. 👍

This is pretty great. Fun, smart, and sexy - Glen Powell and Adria Arjona’s chemistry is terrific. I could watch a dozen rom-coms with those two.

Kind of funny how much more competent he is than the guy in The Killer.

Really, really enjoyed this movie a lot. The closest analog I have for it is that it felt like someone took all the breezy, fun-but-dangerous sexual energy from the trunk scene (with Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney) in “Out of Sight” and pushed that same feel through an entire movie. (Which to be fair, Out of Sight does, but now so too does Hit Man.)

Just a really sexy and funny flick.

I spit-taked! : )

Love the Out of Sight comparison, @tiggercut, in that I think it shows a lot about Hollywood’s evolving conception of sexy/smart, in terms of how it has and hasn’t changed. And it’s gratifying to see Glen Powell really cementing his deserved Clooney-equivalence with the same guy who introduced him to the world in Everybody Wants Some!!

But, yeah, this is pretty darn irresistible, and way better than the throwaway romcom he did with Sidney Sweeney, whatever that was called.

omg this is the best romcom I’ve watched this year. Calling it a romcom probably is stretching it, because it is not a variant of Pride and Prejudice, but it is just funny all the way. Glen Powell and Adria Arjona have great chemistry together.