Rick and Morty

New series from the creator of Community on Adult Swim. It’s about a drunken Doc Brown type character and his family, especially the anxiety prone Morty, who he takes on crazy adventures. Really out there and so far hilarious. Really creative and dark writing, a great addition to Adult Swim. I watched it on Amazon in one binge watching after catching the latest episode randomly.

Yeah, blew through the first six a couple of weeks back and then hopped on the latest once it aired this week. Really, really enjoying it thus far, and I think I posted a bit about it in the Community thread. Harmon and Roiland are fucking hilarious with this thing, and like other Harmon productions, its got just enough hear to be endearing and just enough self aware sarcasm and meta-humor to not be cloying. Just the right amount of poop-jokes to keep it from seeming too self-important, but there’s some damned smart jokes in there to appreciate as well. When Harmon’s writing is on, it’s on, and thus far, I’m not sure if he’s even got an off switch when it comes to R&M scripts.

I’m glad this show has it’s own thread. It’s probably my favorite thing on tv at the moment.

Adding my agreement that this show is awesome.

What, this thread is too good for pictures?

I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!

The last line in the latest episode had me in stitches the other night.

“I hope he’s eating.”

It truly is a great show. I’m glad they renewed it for a second season already.

Mr. Meekseeks was a great Futurama mad scientist type episodes. I really like the interviewing stories from different point if views. Wasn’t that the same episode with King Jellybean? Holy cramp, the guy who does the kid’s voice is so awkwardly anxious.

Both Rick and Morty are voiced by the same guy - Justin Roiland, the creator of the show.

A new episode just got put up online…on instagram.

I powered through the entire thing, and it’s easily one of my favorites of the season.

I’m sorry, but I’m not watching an entire episode in six second chunks.

No doubt it’s a pain(right arrow…right arrow), but I’m sure someone will stitch them together before it airs.

I agree. That episode was pretty great.

Well, that was… experimental. And fairly fourth-wall-nonexistent. I hope they were just saving up budget for something more spectacular later on.

Yes, but maybe they are pulling an Archer Vice. Later they can revisit each of those locations for real.

I finally watched Rixty Minutes on the CC website. It was half funny, half self indulgent improv that didn’t really work for me (with a few glaring exceptions…the Garfield one being the biggest). To be fair, I find almost all improv to be painfully unfunny as it tends to rely on the awkwardness of the situation instead of anything actually clever.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think they drew the animated sequences and then had the voice over talent improvise based on what they saw. I got this impression at the end the of the Two Brothers trailer where the voice actor obviously couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and started laughing.

But the story arc behind the tv episodes was outstanding.

“What is my purpose?”
“You pass butter.”
“Oh my god.”

Best expression of existential horror by a five-inch-tall appliance ever.

Yup. It made the the “welcome to the club” punchline that much better for me.

I just caught up on the last couple of episodes and came here to post about that. It also made the “I am not programmed for friendship” line later on a lot better.

Season 1 just wrapped up. Consistently funny, but some episodes were definately better than others. This last one was kind meh, but the one before that with the multiple Rick and Mortys was hilarious and weird.