Rick and Morty

Yes indeed, that is great news overall.

The report goes on to reveal that Roiland “simply stopped showing up” for work during the third season of Rick and Morty, and even when he did “he’d typically avoid the writers room.” In fact, they would only know he was there if they heard his dogs or saw his remote control car, with one source saying, “You wouldn’t have seen him in weeks, and then you’d see the car come in, which was insane.”

lmao what

Honestly glad to hear that Harmon has hated him for years, that makes me feel a little better about the show.

Has anybody else been watching every episode but not talking about it because of how embarrassing the fans got?

The full report that MovieWeb is scraping for content:

The folks over at Solar Opposites said the situation there was much the same, with very little contribution apart from voicework for some time now.

I mean, kudos to everyone who had to work with that shithead. They did a great job putting up with it, sticking together, and working through it. You can understand why these stories did not get out, because they did not want the weight of the entire internet to fall on their show, for which 99.9% of the employees had nothing to do with the shitty stuff he did.

Now that the charges were formalized, they can now distance themselves from that asshole, and begin to rebuild… if they can.

Fuck, that sounds just awful.

The silver lining is… he was just a voice, and will be replaced.

And not even a great voice, for that matter. Iconic for R&M certainly, but not good. I have no doubt Billy whassisname from the old Howard Stern show could do them better.

Billy West? One of the most prolific and iconic VO artists!

Put some respect on his name!

But yes, Billy West would probably do a great job, because he is a pro.

Thanks. Just started reading the article.

I’ve never heard of Koala Man. Apparently a new Roiland animated show on Hulu. I’ll have to check it out next time I get Hulu.

Right, right, Billy West. Couldn’t be arsed to look up the name. He replaced some other bigshot cartoon voice actor, as I recall.

From that article.

Harmon, who has never been shy about his sky-high standards, was determined to make season two even better. “And when Harmon wants something to be even better, it means later nights, it means being more careful, it means saying yes to fewer silly ideas, and Justin is the king of silly ideas,” says a source. Harmon enlisted a few Community writers who, one insider notes, didn’t treat Roiland with the same kind of reverence that the Channel 101 writers had the previous season. The room became clubbier, and not nearly as much fun — there were now “Dan’s guys,” a more cerebral, structured set, and “Justin’s guys,” a zany collection of artists, “and they just weren’t going to mix,” notes a source. “Dan is all on the page and mathematical about story breaking, and these guys that Justin hired were like, ‘Look, I drew a turd with eyes, let’s do a story about that.’ ”


That seems like a fair description of R&M, a lot of the humor doesn’t hit. But when it does, it really does.

John Kricfalusi, from Ren & Stimpy. Who also turned out to be a pedophile.

Or maybe you mean Mel Blanc? West also does most of the Looney Tunes characters, too. As well as, well, just about everything else.

I mean, Billy stepped in when John K was fired by Nickelodeon.

Yep, it was Mel Blanc. That was big news at the time.

Well, that again is good. Maybe those two new seasons can just proceed without the titanic gaping asshole.

I don’t know what thread this belongs in at this point but here you go:


As far as I can tell he is alluding to his domestic violence case.

The creepy DMs and grooming behavior has not been addressed at all.


This case, which is a domestic violence case, which is a “he said vs she said” case, was dismissed. Like a sad majority of these cases, they are very hard to prove in court, and they get dismissed.

What is accurate, is that it sounds like he was an absolute shit-head to work with, that hasn’t changed.

His lawyer was able to get a bunch of stuff thrown out so the case didn’t have legs. He is a textbook case of an abuser. Even if publicly he didn’t acknowledge his abusive, domineering, and harassing behavior, hopefully, he privately understood at least some part of why he was in the wrong and will learn and grow from it.

Either way, he has shown himself to be a relatively small cog in a lot of shows that he was a part of that I liked so I won’t miss him.

Dude used ‘canceled’ to describe the fact that he has been credibly accused of grooming and being a righteous creep, let alone whatever the fuck happened with that girl. That right there tells you everything you need to know.

He is definitely guilty in the court of the Internet at least.