Rick and Morty


Wait what does RJD2 have to do with this? I’m confused. Did he collaborate with Run the Jewels at some point?


Oh crap, I was thinking about DJ Shadow’s album.


I’m a big RTJ fan. Saw them last weekend at SlossFest during a rain storm. Being wet sucked, but it was a great show.

I also really like both guys solo careers and previous work. Killer Mike was with Outkast on a few tracks and a few others. El-P has his own stuff and has done tracks for Cannibal Ox and a few others. Love those dudes.


Just for fun, here’s some pictures:

This is DJ Trackstar setting up right before the show.

El and Mike

The pistol and fist being hoisted.


We are in love with this show. It’s as though Doctor Who got the Archer treatment.

My cosplay crew is going to a space themed party as the Council of Ricks this year.


Sounds great. Pics please.


R&M cosplay photoshoot from Raleigh Supercon this year :)

One of like four pictures I took the entire time, d’oh!


I was the same way at Megacon. Maybe half a dozen pictures. And to think I was considering bringing my DSLR.


McDonalds sent Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland some McDonalds Szechuan sauce.


That is some hard core viral shit. Damn.


OK, that is awesome :)


Oh, McDonalds, you make it so hard to hate you.



Cleve is there right now.


New episodes came out Monday night I guess. The first was just the (excellent) escape from the Galactic Government prison that we’ve probably all seen on YouTube already.

The second was a spectacular Mad Max parody wherein Morty and Summer get to work out their issues regarding their parents’ divorce. The third season is off to a great start.


Yes, that Mad Max episode was pretty amazing. Also, dammit, I refuse to allow this show to manipulate me into feeling sympathy for Jerry, who is the biggest weenie in the multiverse.


But that exchange with Summer at the end of the episode was awesome! :)


New episodes air Sunday nights at 11:30. From all of us here in the Semantics Dome, you’re welcome.


S3E01 might be the greatest 22 minutes ever shown on television. That said, I wasn’t too impressed with S3E02. But every season has its duds, even if they are still better than 90% of television.


Yeah, that was my feeling as well, but I think it was because the first episode was so goddamn amazing. As a throughline from the end of season two, it’s incredible sci-fi. And not just “for a cartoon”. Just flat out “incredible sci-fi”.

A mostly self-contained Fury Road parody can’t really compare. Besides, parodying Fury Road? Really?



I dunno, the Jerry bits were pretty fantastic. The bit after the credits was awesome.I also liked the arm