Rick and Morty


When he started “talking” to the arm, I was totally down with it. That was hilarious.




Pickle Rick was incredible. I loved it. And the therapist was really good too.


How on Earth can this show literally bang you over the head with it’s message in a more or less direct to camera monologue, yet do it more effectively than most stuff on television. Amazing.


Just in case people didn’t know, Netflix UK is airing season 3 episodes about a week after Adult Swim. It’s a bit redundant since AS stopped requiring a cable login to view episodes on their website, but if you don’t have a VPN, it’s a good option for Brits, and I assume some other non-US territories.


I know, right? That was a fine episode for showcasing Rick and Morty’s combo of humor with smart sci-fi. And some actual action-ey excitement! Really fun stuff with the Russian base, or whatever that was.

And the casts they manage to pull together! This was Susan Sarandon, Danny Trejo, and Peter “Sassy Trump” Serafinowicz. Although while watching, I’d pegged the therapist as being Mimi Rogers. I was close.



Rick and Morty now has its own Morbotron/Frinkiac.

I would kill for one of these sites for Parks & Rec.


Literally? That IS some impessive technology! Go Rick!


Someone already made a Pickle Rick weed pipe:


I don’t smoke weed anymore but I still want that.

Edit: But not $55.00 want.


I couldn’t believe Vindicators 3 went back to the well for Worldender as the villain again. But I should have trusted that Rick & Morty wouldn’t do that.


Poor Jerry. He’s going to get no credit for heroically delaying the attacker. I thought he did really well in this episode.

And those tech support guys for the morphalizer were awesome. It’s brilliant to include them with the machine.


This was the second best episode of the season after S3E01.


You’d have to be high to pay that much… oh wait.


glass pipes are always ludicrously priced.


That episode was so beautiful. They really know how to emulate a genre or three while keeping it pure Rick and pure Morty at the same time. It’s blowing my mind. That’s another one of those episodes this season that I really need to watch multiple times.

I wonder if that Morty is the same sinister Morty we say in earlier seasons?


This whole season has been tremendous, but that was probably the best yet.

I think it’s the same Morty, given the outro music (and the floating notes at the end had a picture of eyepatch Morty.) Also, same writer.


One of the best episode of the series.

The sheer creativity was astounding (who was going to imagine a episode like this when the Citadel concept was introduced?), the plot continuity was good, the themes and leitmotifs were powerful, the editing and direction was tight, all the references to several movies were cool, and in addition, even forgetting all that it was a funny episode, the jokes were on point.


Even though I should have been off to bed I watched it a 2nd time right after. It was just so good. This whole season has been amazing.


Dammit I missed it. Aside from cartoon network’s website is this avail for streaming anywhere? I want to put it on the big screen TV.