Rick and Morty


Yeah, this season has been a string of smart, imaginative, and heart-felt episodes, each better than the last. I’m almost glad to see it end, because how could anyone possibly sustain that? I’ve been nervous every week that the next episode was going to disappoint me, but then along comes something like Tales from the Citadel or Morty’s Mind-Blowers. Mind-blowers, indeed.

And to think I never would have watched this if it wasn’t for my Patreon campaign.



You’re lucky your patrons have good taste. I can think of worse things than being forced to watch The Wire and Rick and Morty!


“Did you get sugar chicken?”

Not a bad finale, but there were so many amazing episodes this season it didn’t stand out like the other season finales.


It was a little less bombastic or cliff-hanger-y, but I thought it wrapped up the story arc for the season pretty well. And any excuse to have Keith David back is a good one.


Yeah, it was an excellent finale, but the rest of the season was just so good, and the last season’s finale was so amazing, that it didn’t stand out.


It wasn’t supposed to be the finale but became that way when they cut the planned 14 episode season down to 10.


Great episode - the action and the dialog were both snappy. I’m going to have to watch it a few more times to get all the sight-gags in the White House basement.

The post-credits scene made me sad.


Yeah; if they’d had their full 14, presumably the finale would have been a little more plot-heavy, but that was a thoroughly ridiculous and entertaining episode. I view it as a better-put-together version of “The Purge” from last year.

Still, this has been my favorite season by a country mile over all, even with a “merely” great finale.


Yes, this was by far the best season of Rick and Morty. Can’t wait for season 4.


Guess you are right, this was a bit of a kludge. According to Harmon:

I don’t want to poison the well but the finale is a great episode that we finale-ified when we realized we weren’t going to be able to make 14.

That would explain why the “clone Beth” subplot was so underdeveloped.


Shades of Babylon 5 season 4. . .


I actually didnt watch Season 5 of B5, because they wrapped it up so perfectly with the S4 finale. I mean, where do you go when the main character becomes the President of the Universe? Getting a new hot station commander didn’t seem like a good move so I ended it there.


You didn’t miss much other than a super boring Telepath war.


Most of the characters became very proud of their achievements over the last four seasons, and pride preceded a number of downfalls. Many plot threads were not executed as well as they could have been. The grand finale was definitely worth watching, though, and the last half of the season picked up considerably. Blame an overworked JMS, the collapse of the syndicated market, basic cable pangs, Claudia Christian pulling the ripcord, uncharismatic cults that are meant to be charismatic, or smooshing a lot of plot into Season 4 for Season 5’s letdowns.


At first I thought you were talking about Rick & Morty and was confused.

I kind of enjoyed B5 Season 5 on TNT. I always thought the one thing B5 was missing in the first four seasons is that they never really slowed down and had character specific episodes, like Star Trek always did. Well, in Season 5, I finally got my wish. They slowed down, and they had character specific episodes. Of course, they weren’t as good at it as Star Trek, but hey, I was still glad at the time.


Did anyone else head out to a mcdonalds today for the promotion only to find out that mcshits fucked up big time and didn’t send enough sauce basically anywhere and also gave them out not according to schedule and basically pissed off a million Rick and Morty fans?

Just me? That’s probably for the best.


It’s actually still a part of the marketing plan. Rick just taught ten million nerds to not trust corporations and to create something for themselves if they want it.


After reading your post at work, I stopped at 2 McDonald’s locations on the way home, just to try my luck.

I struck out. In both cases the drive-thru attendants sounded like they’d heard my question about whether they had the sauce a lot today.


Yep, just tried, no dice. I bought McNuggets any way so I guess their ploy worked, but I had to eat them with Jerry Sauce.


Yeah I really want a little video or part of season 4 ep 1 to be like: “You are all idiots, that sauce was terrible, hahahhaahhaha sheep! Say ‘baa!’ Morty, say ‘baa’ for these dumb asses. Hahahahaha” burp!