Rick and Morty


I think Adult Swim has far more hits than they do misses. Especially the early years. I mean, they gave us The Venture Bros, for cryin' out loud. That should buy them enough good will for the next 20 duds. :)


Venture Brothers is frequently brilliant and Aqua Teen Hunger Force hits high notes a lot. Sealab did as well. But I distinctly remember a time when it wasn't much more than a 2-hour solid block of sketchily animated or poorly filmed 15-minute chunks of two mouthbreathing stoned neckbeards murmuring at one another and giggling. There was a lot of shit on there :-/

Probably still is, but honestly, aside from R&M, I haven't kept up with what they're up to for ages.


I loved Cartoon Network especially during the period where they had Courage the Cowardly Dog, Sheep in the City (or ...Big City?), Powerpuff Girls, and of course Dexter's Lab. Oh, and Cow and Chicken. Maybe they weren't all on Cartoon Network, I can't remember now.


Harvey Birdman is tremendous. It was my introduction to Adult Swim.


I can never tell if not understanding adult swim shows means I'm getting too old for cutting edge stuff, or if it's just terrible.


Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, nubs.


I have volumes 1 through 3 of Space Ghost on DVD. I'm still really miffed that I didn't pay attention when they were released though as there are at least two other volumes in the series. And they're out of print. Ebay has them, but at pretty steep prices.

Adult Swim was amazing when it began. Space Ghost actually predates it by a few years, and I think was the inspiration for the Adult Swim block.

Harvey Birdman, Sealab (during the Murph years), Venture Bros, The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (not consistently funny, but does have its moments of greatness)...and of course, the commercials.

Ah, the commercials. Such greatness.


I actually liked Lucy: Daughter of the Devil and The Drinky Crow Show. Apparently in the minority on those.


I'm still mad they didn't pick up Korgoth after the pilot (even after saying they were picking it up in advertising): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoxMiZxN-F0


Oh, I liked Lucy too. I still can't get that damn song Pound My Tom Tom out of my head all these years later.


thanks for suggestion, i just starte
d to watch it, i have been laughing my pants off :D


Don't you mean:

Thanks for suggestion
I just started watching it
laughing my pants off


Becky's in the back seat
Becky's in the back seat
Becky's in the back seat
Becky's in the back seat


Rick & Morty kill the simpsons


Yay for the premier of the new season in a couple months! And the Slurm vending machine was hilarious. The whole bit was good.


Finally, some news about the season premiere! happydance


Now if they’d just give Metalocalype a few hours to finish off their story. Grumble. I’m still angry about that.


And the Planet Express ship, Kang and Kodos, and the Brain Slug. Lots of freeze-frame bonuses in there.


Season 2 trailer


Can’t wait!