Rick and Morty

Interesting. After the second episode I honestly forgot all about the voice switch. Bummer that Morty’s not working for some of you. :(

Secret truth of my TV watching habit: there is a nigh-infinite list of things I intend to watch at some point, and overcoming the inertia of not-watching is usually very tough with so many options and life/depression being life/depression. But eventually, something or other will break through the fog and make me say “FUCK YEAH I’M GONNA POWER THROUGH THIS ONE NOW” and it’s great. What is that thing? It can be almost anything, really, to the point of not being able to make this magical occurrence happen in my brain on purpose, lol.

In this case, having someone say they might want me to ask a question proved enough motivation to start, at least, though I won’t get to watch more till tomorrow :)

This is pretty much where I’m at as well. I still feel like this show is past its prime, but still really good. The new voices don’t really make a difference one way or the other for me.

I don’t remember how were the original voices anymore, because the new ones feel the same at this point.

Episode 6 felt pretty weak to me.

S6E3: Whenever Keith David returns as the President, it feels weird to me because each time I think “that’s it, this is the last time, because there’s no way Rick & the President can come back after this and work together again”. And yet, there’s another episode, and each time it seems to get worse.

Edit: Voice acting note: The first three episodes this season have all featured a lot of Rick, but very little, if any, Morty. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this except for the conversation here around voice acting. Morty hasn’t been in there enough for me to tell, and Rick sounds like good old Rick to me.

Caught up through E5, and enjoying myself quite a bit though I still find that Morty’s voice has a grating edge to it I don’t write remember from before (obviously it was always pretty whiny/Roiland-brand-absurd, but that facet in particular is more noticeable with the new actor).

I can’t help but think that it was a conscious choice to have very little Morty in the first few episodes because there was a bigger difference in the voice than there was with Rick. It would give the audience a more gentle introduction and allow them to forget a little more how the old voice sounded.

Now for some questions.

Is Rick turning into a slightly nicer (or maybe just slightly more considerate) person? It’s a bit strange that therapy would work for him. Although I suppose that maybe he might give it an honest try after a good experience with it in the Pissmaster episode.

Was Evil Morty (EM) outside of the Central Finite Curve when he baited the monster into the trap? I’m guessing that his little paradise was inside of the Curve as he was being impacted by Rick fracking the Curve. Or did that imply that EM was in fact outside of the curve and that the fracking was sending things outside of the curve which wound up hitting his paradise?

Anyone else a little disappointed at the limited amount of the Beth’s and Summer so far in season 7?

Rick Prime is Morty’s grandfather, so would Morty be the Prime Morty?

It has been very Rick/Morty centric, yeah. I hope we have a pair of episodes about the family before the season is over.

I think there’s a heavy implication that what makes This Rick the Rickest Rick is his tiny but growing capacity for empathy/love. Because it’s first-and-foremost a pretty raunchy hyperviolent sci-fantasy comedy cartoon on Adult Swim, there’s going to be a lot of Shenanigans of the Week episodes that more or less ignore this facet or do some House, M.D.-style “fake growth” moments (“Oh wow, he’s really changed! Wait, why are we back at the status quo in the next episode from a different writer?”), but slowly but surely, Harmon seems to be pushing things in a direction that sharpens and deepens Our Rick’s humanity. While he’s still a nihilistic mass-murdering douche-canoe, of course; I don’t think the show is interesting in fully redeeming him (and that might not send the best message to the loony internet shitlords who idolize Rick, lol, though thankfully Harmon and Co. seem pretty uninterested in pleasing those fans), but rather exploring the possibilities of a Mad Scientist That Maybe Cares Just A Little.

If only because his long-term goal was to enjoy a Rick-less existence, I assume that his paradise station was outside the Curve, and Rick’s actions within it affecting him were Because Plot rather than strong adherence to the mechanics of the multiverse described thus far, but I don’t know if it’s explicitly said either way. The sojourn for crystals was probably Outside the Curve at the least. I love the slight implication in all those Rick Is Not Bigsmartest universes, the geniuses who manage to invent portal travel seem to largely be doofuses who accidentally space themselves into deadly vacuum or get devoured by monstrosities immediately. That a bunch of definitely-not-the-Jetsons families seemed to have gotten there first in their respective universes was extra funny (to me) :D

Very much so, yeah. Loved the Space Mom/Beth dynamic from previous and Summer’s growth into Companion Number 2 Who Won’t Take Grandpa’s Shit was some real Donna-from-Doctor-Who type vibes I dug a lot. Hopefully we see them more going forward.

Correct. C-137 Rick (and outside of flashbacks to Rick Prime murdering C-137 Diane, I don’t think we’ve ever actually seen universe C-137, despite the show implying it’s what we were seeing in Season 1, pre-“Rick Potion No. 9,” at least) took Rick Prime’s place sometime after he fucked off to murder other Ricks Beths to “inspire them,” effectively adopting his family in a kinda fucked way. The rest of the Prime family die over the seasons after being stranded on the Prime universe’s Cronenberg’ed Earth.

The majority of the rest of the family are from the dimension R&M hopped to after escaping Cronenberg’ed Prime Earth, with the exception of Jerry, who is from a fairly random other universe and got swapped with the “original replacement” Jerry at the Jerryboree. Though they were going to re-swap them later on in the show, that universe 2 Jerry got bitten by Mr. Frundles and that lead to the entire Earth being infected by him, forcing the remainder of the family, including the swapped-out-Jerryboree-Jerry that they had been planning to ditch, to escape once more to what we’ve been seeing as the Parmese-ann dimension ever since.

Unknown which universe Evil Morty’s from. I think a lot of people assumed it would be C-137/Rickest Rick’s universe, but the new flashback this season seems to heavily imply EM killed and then Zombie-Slaved his own Rick.

So, you’ve got:

Prime: Prime Rick (RIP this season), plus from-the-start-of-the-show Morty
C-137: From-the-start-of-the-show Rick, plus inspiring-that-Rick’s-AI-helpers’-personality Diane (RIP)
Season 2 Dimension: Current Beth, Space Beth, and Summer, plus Season Two Jerry (RIP/Frundlefied)
Unknown Dimension 1: Current Jerry
Unknown Dimension 2: Evil Morty, Zombified/robotic Assassin/Henchman Rick from first EM appearance (RIP)

Not in the slightest bit confusing.


I hate it.

The Spaghetti episode was quite thought-provoking. I like that about this show. Take a disgusting weird premise and kind of play around with the implications of it.

I’ve been enjoying the post episode mini docs with the creators going through their thought process and workflow. The writer of that ep was fun, hah.

The latest Kuato episode was highly amusing!

I take it you’ve caught up, @ArmandoPenblade ? How’s the voice change going? I had to actively remind myself in this episode that they’re different. The switch never bothered me too much as before starting season 7 I actively skipped through some of season 1, and a few other seasons and there’s enough variation there that this is all just the same amount of different to me.

IMO, Morty is still pretty noticeable. His voice breaks have more of a keening quality to them that grates (even more than he did before). It’s not show breaking or anything - R&M has a long and storied history of (purposefully) incredibly obnoxious voice acting - but still does draw attention.

I liked episode 7 more the second time I watched it. I think Morty’s voice will need multiple seasons before I get used to it. I’m still impressed with the Rick voice and I’ve noticed the difference is voice mannerisms less as the season has progressed.

They don’t have those on Adult Swim in Canada. It’s annoying because I would very much enjoy hearing what they have to say about the episodes.

I have completely gotten past the voices being different. They sound close enough, I barely notice.

They’re up on the AdultSwim YouTube channel:

Full Playlist

Thank you, @Dejin!