Rick and Morty


US TV thing. IIRC, on some networks, shows are allowed one fuck per season, so most save it up for something really good. Aside from that, some curse words that normally slip through (e.g., “dick”) might get censored in a certain context (e.g., sexually, like “Birdperson d**k” being the only thing Tammy “eats” now).


It’s particularly hilarious when they’re describing something sexual incredibly graphically, but as long as they avoid the specific naughty words, it’s fine.


So it was great to get another animated show’s take on my favorite science fiction story of all time (the Simpsons also did a riff on it years ago.) But the B story was even better. KEEP SUMMER SAFE.


Very fun episode, great guest voices, and not as dark as recent offerings. A winner from start to finish for sure. And yeah, the car’s AI going all T2 was hilarious.


I loved the car’s reaction to Summer’s objections. “My task is not to make sure that Summer is, like, totally stoked (etc.)” Hahaha.


Not as dark??? My God man, they surgically paralyzed an innocent bystander on purpose at one point, then forced a father to witness his dead son come back to life, only to die seconds later in his arms. If that wasn’t one hell of a dark episode, I don’t know what is.



This was a great episode, much better than the previous one.


I hope the Stephen Colbert character makes a comeback at some point. He’d make a great arch-nemesis for Rick.


Well, the phoenix project is a failure.


This time the B-plot was the A-plot, I think?


It was certainly the most deangerous plot.


I enjoyed the B plot more, for sure. But Tiny Rick was pretty awesome.


The after the credits scene had me laughing out loud.


I’ve been really enjoying this season so far. I’m glad though that the three recent episodes ended on a less bleak note than the first episodes; I almost got a bit annoyed because the first season hadn’t been as downbeat.

I have to revisit season 1 again, but it seems to me that Harmon and Roiland did step up the writing. I really dig the plot premises, e.g. the memory parasites, the mini-verses or the parents fighting their monster versions, and I’d also say they stuffed more details and references in there, some of which you’ll hardly notice. Obviously, Community had that as well.

Yup, that was superb.


Last night’s episode was weeeeeird. I’d like to know more about their process. It looks like they improv a loose script and then animate it after. Facinating stuff.


I think that was the process for last year’s interdimensional TV episode was done that way, IIRC. Apparently, Roiland has said last night’s episode is not one of his favorites, however, so maybe things were a little too loose this time.


I wasn’t too impressed with last night’s episode. I felt like they were already rehashing material from Season 1 (Rixty Minutes, I think?). Not really a fan of watching Rick, Morty, and Summer make commentary on shows they are watching on TV. Though now that I’ve typed that out, I’m wondering if that is just their way of making fun of the audience sitting, watching, and making comments about Rick and Morty…OH GOD HAVE I BECOME A CARICATURE!!!


Pretty sure that that was Werner Herzog as the voice explaining about the importance of penises in human culture.


Improv rarely makes me laugh because (in my opinion) it’s not something most comedians can even do well.

This episode did nothing to change my mind on that.


Frankly the improv parts were a little too aware that they were improv. Improv has a good place but you have to be humble and throw away bad improv. It was hit or miss. I did like the alien hospital part but yeah weakest episode of the season. Still light years above many other shows.