Rick and Morty


The “A” plot was ok, but the other random stuff was mostly a miss. The one part I did really like was the “How It’s Made” Plumbis segment. They had the cheesy narration and music down perfectly.


Needed more Herzog. And more Turbulent Juice.


Herzog’s got such a distinctive voice that he’s hard to miss. According to the end credits Nolan North played a part in the episode as well.


The tv episode of the previous season was for me the weakest, it was just saved by the serious moment between the siblings. Here it’s the same, I don’t care for the improv stuff, the other side plot was ok.


All caught up. This show is crazy.


Nothing wrong with a little bit of fanart now and then, little fella.

attributed to “Facebook’s FPComic”







Almost enough to make me consider maybe playing a MOBA. But, no.


I’m not particularly a MOBA fan, but since I heard about that I’ve looked here and there for DOTA 2 twitch streams that use that pack, without success. Anyone know of a streamer in particular that uses it?






It’s a reference to a discover card commercial.


More stuff here, FYI: http://falsepositivecomic.com/

As for Rick and Morty: I realllllllllly hope they stop doing improv TV. It’s terrible.


The purge episode was pretty great. That lighthouse guy needs a thicker skin.


That is exactly why I don’t let anyone read my screenplays. In fact, that’s why I don’t even write them.


“Don’t tell your Mom about this or I’ll purge you.”


So… that finale.



[I]Tune in in one year and a half or more![/I]


Note to self: whenever any show that I like that features people that I like begins playing any version of “Hurt,” I should immediately turn off the TV and never watch the show again.

Shit, man, that was intense :(