Rick and Morty


Motherboard, tin can, and a powered up battery (hint: battery and tube of juice) makes a morty manipulator.


They make other stuff, some of it other crafting ingredients, others usable items. Like, you can make the nerve staple things.



makes some consumables (healing items, for example), but you can also buy them straight out with cash as you progress. I’m up to 3rd-4th boss now.

The rest of the items seem to be for quests.

Where do you guys watch ads??

Game changer, you can capture morties even with a full party! They just get sent to daycare directly.


The gashapon machines give you a decent amount of items and a Morty. Too bad the tickets are rare or fairly expensive.

Edit: It seems like the stages are like mazes. I managed to beat the past two bosses without battling any other trainers, so you should probably start each stage intending to either get the badge, level up your Mortys, or get items. There’s a limit of 10 serums, so I assume there’s a limit of 10 for the rest. You can also buy chips for 500 schmeckles each after beating the first Rick on the council.


Yeah, it is still weird though, because the gameplay loop, if you are just leveling your mortys is.

Die slowly and weirdly while running out of attacks, as to preserve items for your trainer runs. They just need to make a portal warp location hidden in each map, that allows you to warp back whenever. That would solve the weirdness of the gameplay in the “morty leveling” runs.


Or just have it be a menu option.

I evolved my first Morty just now.


Yeah, my issues with the game seem to be similar to the early-game pokemon issues (lack of attacks and options).

I just caught a couple duplicates to combine, haven’t done that yet.


Minor spoiler.

Easter egg

The Egg is the Easter Egg. Level it up to level 20. You can do it with the shared xp mechanic (have it start fights, then switch to another morty to kill the monster. The egg will get a portion (25%-50%) of the XP. Note the awarded xp seems to take into account relative level of the killer.

Not all Morties can evolve, some morties can evolve twice (for a total of 3)


I once ended up in a battle area that I’m 90% certain did not have a boss Rick. Had to intentionally sacrifice all my Mortys to the last trainer to get out of there. Can’t believe there’s no manual way to return to the hub zone.


Ah, I remember Pocket Mortys. So close to being a good game, Zylon’s comment really nails it. The gameplay loop was just so broken!

But, the reason for the bump. Comic-con fun!

This is NSFA or NSFW (Not Safe for Anyone)

And here is the For-real court transcripts that they re-enacted.

Some real amazing stuff. Can’t wait for season 3.


OMFG that was amazing in so many ways. That is tomorrow’s water cooler discussion.


There’s some sort of April Fool’s promotion where Adult Swim is streaming the honest-to-god season 3 premiere. It’s pretty good so far.


Thanks! That was fucking good.


Those claymation Rick & Morty shorts between episodes are so good. I almost want to keep sitting here and watch this over and over so I get to see the claymation shorts.

Also, I’m really glad that they just froze cronenberg world’s original family. So they’re still alive.


Thanks for the heads up on that. Watched it twice, better than expected and I expected a lot.


Fucking epic episode. Nathan Fillian was great, too.

I also watched it twice in a row. The commercials were also great. I think I need a screenshot of that Godzilla-esque Mr. Poopy Butthole destroying a city.


Jesus fuck it got dark in a whole new way by the end. I’m with hopeful Internet Theorists who’re saying that Rick may have left behind/lost some of his empathy/goodness when he started hopping around all the different brains. . .

Also holy damn for the number of deaths there. Number of Ricks in the universe has been massively depleted. . . all to topple one universe’s galactic government.

Yes, I am mourning the loss of an uncountable number of fictional semi-villains who’ve been seen all of like twice in a silly gross-out scifi cartoon. I am weird :)


Kinda been wondering why they were all hanging out in Ultimate Rick’s adopted universe.


It’s possible that his space travel has also been multidimensional (the jaunt away from the Cronenberged verse in his janky lil ship shows that’s at least possible), so the Council could have been housed anywhere and just transported to C-137’s new, adopted dimension at the end there.


That works. I was mulling that over all morning.