Rick Moranis will return to the screen in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" sequel

This might seem like a minor item, but I imagine some of you are fans of Rick Moranis, as I am. Whether it was playing Seymour in “Little Shop of Horrors”, Louis Tully in “Ghostbusters”, Bob McKenzie in “Strange Brew” or Dark Helmet in “Spaceballs”, he was always a big part of whatever project he was involved in.

If you’re a fan, you probably noticed that he hasn’t appeared in a movie since the late 90s - you may have known that this was because his wife died in 1991 and he stepped back from acting to take care of his kids. He’s done some voice work in the interim, and a little TV, but hasn’t been in a movie in over 20 years. But that’s about to change -

Damn. But he told Ghostbusters 3 to pound sand? Whew!

Watched the original movies with the kids recently. And… well let’s just say that whatever fond memories I have of them from my childhood, they do not hold up (aside mostly from the original).

And there was a TV series that I had the misfortune of seeing part of an episode when I got home from work one day.

Yay Rick Moranis!

Spaceballs 2 would be nice, but without Mel Brooks’ involvement what would be the point?

I still haven’t seen him in The Flintsones, so I’ve got that to look forward to, still. (I hope?)

Hey, Mel said he was working on a Spaceballs sequel when the new ones started coming out. Of course, he said that when the prequels started coming out too… Maybe he and Rick can collaborate on a Broadway adaptation.

Steve Martin seems to be glued to Martin Short’s hip for the last few years, but maybe he and Moranis could work on a sequel to My Blue Heaven. My Bluer Heaven? Or they could expand on the dentist/botanist showdown in Little Shop, or maybe something completely new.

Wasn’t Rick Moranis leaning towards country music for the last few years? I bet that would pair with Steve Martin’s banjo music like gravy on fries.

I just read there actually was a Spaceballs animated series produced by Brooks. Dunno if it was any good.

He put out an album:

Abandon all hope…

Actually he put out a few. Who could forget:

Well yeah, but that’s not a country album.

You mean the song “Live Blogging the Himel Family Bris” isn’t country?

You know, from the old country.

I just hope he has fun with it when he comes back. The movies/franchise could use a shot i the arm, but it better be a good one.

This isn’t really related to any particular movie, but I felt like I had to post this. I mean seriously, who would attack Rick Moranis?


Rick More Anus


I just saw him in a commercial an hour ago and wanted to post it. Some kind of mobile phone plan along with the Deadpool guy. It was great seeing him though!

Maybe someone who’s upset they’ve not been in a movie for so long?