Rick Perry, you so scary, Rick Perry

Rick Perry, you so buffoon.

Rick Perry, you so Berlusconi.

Rick Perry, you so George W. Bush.

Rick Perry, go to hell.

Fuck yes Koontz, get medieval on his ass.

He’s actually fascinating this way. He should get loaded before the next debate.

So are we thinking that this is a Howard Dean Scream-level burnout? Because frankly, this was way weirder than Dean’s enthusiastic “Yeaaargh!” Or do Perry’s supporters, such as they are, just not care?

Tough call – the “Dean Scream” was during a nationally televised speech while Perry’s weird antics were directed to a relatively small audience at a fundraising dinner.

It’s possible that Perry can come out and say, hey I didn’t know I was being taped for a national audience, I was just just joking around with some friends. On the other hand, any national-level politician should know that they are being recorded every second that they are on the campaign trail and act accordingly.

Personally, I think he’s cooked. One or two gaffes would have been fine, but between this, the “Niggerhead” fiasco and his dismal debate performances, I think he’d need something spectacular to rise to the top of the pack again, and I don’t think he has anything like that lying around.

I don’t think the target audience is nearly as important as the actual audience, and in the age of the Youtubes, the actual audience is everyone. I mean, the man didn’t act like he was joking around. He acted like he had just finished a bong.

Obviously I agree with that.

One of the GOP “insider” complaints about Perry is that he is still treating his campaign like he’s running for the Governorship of Texas and not the POTUS: he doesn’t do 16-hour days, he takes days off, and when he goes to fund-raising dinners, he treats them like the same events in Texas, assuming that no one will report on what he says. His defense, therefore, could conceivably be that in small crowds he likes to let his immaculate hair down and lighten up a bit.

No argument. I’m not saying that the above approach will work (in fact I don’t think it will), just that it might actually be the truth.

Man, I miss Molly Ivins. Can you imagine what a freakin’ field day she’d have with Perry’s campaign?

For some reason I have flashbacks of Bush Jr. when watching that video…

Not convinced he’s drunk, but he’s definitely very loose and off-the-cuff. It could just be egoism – he’s convinced he’s just a masterful speaker who connects with his audience so whatever he says will be loved.

He’s gooped up on gop!

A happy, friendly, “I love you, man!” Rick Perry is frightening.

“It’s a workplace where everyone I knew had an Ambien prescription.”

What is he doing to that guys head? The facial expression he makes is creepier than the Cain grin. It’s like he’s on e or something.

I’m calling it. Ecstasy.