Ricky Williams, Toronto Argonaut

Great news for Canadian fans of Ricky Williams.

As of yesterday, he’s going to be a Toronto Argonaut for the 2006 season. I’m pretty pysched, because I think getting tickets to see him play is now actually a realizable goal for me.

I wonder what a player of his caliber is going to do to the CFL. If he plays as well as he can, he’s going to be a very big fish in a small pond. He could totally dominate any game he’s in.

But there are different Ricky Williamses that show up to any given football game. I’d like to think that the laid back atmosphere of the CFL (compared to the NFL, at least) is far more conducive to the kind of person Ricky is.

And hey, no drug testing and easy access to tacitly decriminalized BC Bud!


It’s pretty crazy; the CFL is so running-deemphasized most of the time (with 3 downs and 15 yards to go) that he could have a huge impact… if he plays (and is utilized) well. Hell I’d put him on special teams as well, because it has a bigger impact (more runbacks, even for FGs and those 1-pointer thingees).

— Alan

joe theeeseman weighed in with some crap about how he was “embarassed” to have ricky be a fellow argonaut and how ricky was a shame to the NFL (yeah, that’s right, a guy who tokes a few joints is a shame, but the guys who beat up chicks and have felony convictions aren’t?), and made me wish LT had broken both of his legs

f theismann