Riddick - Again?!?

So, this is happening and I had no idea!

Color me interested! I loved the first two riddick movies in spite of all their silliness. Yay for Vin Diesel!


Call me crazy, but I have a huge soft spot for the Riddick movies. I don’t even particularly care much for Vin Diesel in general, but he was born to play Riddick.

Can’t wait.

Razgon, I think you meant to say you love those movies because of their silliness. How many movies have characters trying to outrun the rising sun? Also, I’m going to kill you with this teacup.

Riddick is good old school sci-fi imho. Big action, over the top performances, doesn’t take itself too seriously and provides an awesome romp. Can’t wait either!

This might be the bourbon talking, but if Vin Diesel ONLY spent the rest of his life playing Riddick he’d easily become one of my favorite actors. That guy IS Riddick and I’d take oodles of sequels in that universe over The Fast And The Furious 17 any day of the week.

If you put Riddick and Ron Swanson in the same room, the universe would spontaneously combust from the sheer manliness.

Totes with you man.

I, too, have a soft spot for Riddick, especially after I played him in that game that was quite good (escape from Butcher Bay or something).

Only Vin Diesel knows with certainty what the Christ Dr. Pepper really is. That knowledge is both his eternal burden and the source of his powers.


Please, we all know what Dr. Pepper really is.

Fucking awesome is what. ;-)

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person who actually liked Chronicles of Riddick. I was beginning to question my sanity there.

I love both CoR and Dr. Pepper. Or the Dr. Pete’s Sodastream rip-off that I’m about to crack open. Does that mean I win the thread?

I also hated Pitch Black. Which is weird, because I really, really liked CoR and can’t wait for this next one.

The Mummy Returns

Not really familiar with the concept of a rhetorical question, eh Penny?

Also, the correct answer would be ‘two’ in this case ;-)

I am adrift in a sea of pedantry (not, i repeat not pederasty) yet I must acknowledge that those answers are technically correct. I just need to get better questions.

We’ll see about that!

/runs off to IMDB


That’s because PB was basically a crappy Aliens ripoff; while CoR is the best Space Conan movie ever.

Hah, thats true- its not in spite of, but because off their silliness that I love them. Its weird, but I Riddick strikes a chord in me… Space Conan is probably a very good call! Thats really what he is. Wanderer, bandit, king?

It’s not a direct reference, but c’mon - I can’t possibly be the only one who got a King Conan vibe from the ending of CoR, can I?

You are :O)