Riddick - Again?!?

Cool to see they’re returning to this. I had thought way back when Chronicles was released that there were supposed to be multiple movies (hence the “Chronicles” part). I was disappointed when that never happened.

Also, Dr. Pepper is people, IT’S PEOPLE!!! (but still awesome)

I loved Pitch Black and the other one was decent as well. Glad this is happening.

Pitch Black was fantastic, both games too. Chronicles kind of sucked, but I am still hopeful.

I’m excited about this, but I hope they don’t skimp on production or budget. I’m sure Karl Urban’s rates have gone up a bit since Chronicles.

There’s been a “motion comic” posted that fills in some of the story between CoR and the new movie coming out in September. It’s OK, I guess. Doesn’t leave me feeling excited about the new one, since it seems to be “resetting the clock”.

And even then, they got the light backwards.

How has no one posted about this yet? C’mon, I can’t be the only one besides Tom, Kelly, and Christian to see it this weekend!

I enjoyed it, though it’s probably the weakest of the three films. It lacks the strong supporting cast of the first film and the balls insanity of the second; it mostly falls to Vin Diesel to carry the film. That said, after a summer full of blockbusters which mostly fizzled, it’s kinda refreshing to have a deliberately low-key scifi film to cap off the season.

I saw this, but can’t say I enjoyed it all that much, especially compared to Pitch Black, which this was clearly trying to recreate in some capacity. I really liked the first half hour or so of Riddick surviving on the alien planet. It reminded me of what I enjoed about Enemy Mine or the third act of Predator. Then the rest of the cast showed up…

Some of the dialog sounded like it was run through several instances of bablefish(“Zulu Warlock?”), and the monsters, like the cast,
monster spoiler

were a less interesting version of what we already saw in Pitch Black

. Also, I found the part where Riddick
Starbuck spoiler

“turns” the lesbian character at the end gross.

Pitch Black was easily the best of the three for me, followed by this one…and then Chronicles is dead last.

I saw this too, and I liked it well enough. I prefer pared down to basics Riddick rather than overblown Riddick, so this movie was right up my alley. I think this character works better when we get a close up look at a small group of ‘normal’ people trying to deal with this guy.

On that Starbuck spoiler I sure didn’t take it that way. He told them all how it was going to play out, ending with her straddling him. At the end there, she intentionally did that, so that his predictions would all have come true. It was a joke, playing off the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy. He didn’t turn her, haha.

Yeah, I fully admit that I may be reading too much into it(I hope I am anyway), but I remember her character propositioning Riddick “real nice like”, when they were lifting him onto the ship, and also him asking her to “keep it warm for him” when they were saying goodbye ship to ship at the end.

Not that any of that really makes the movie all that much better for me, but less gross is always a plus.

I never knew his full name was Dick B. Riddick

Anyone who calls him that to his face gets the tea cup.

Riddick is such an indulgent badass wishfulfillment character, and the movie is so enamored with him that even when the very end

Even more starbuck stuff

[spoiler]takes him down a notch, it can’t really bring itself to commit to it. So it still reads as ambivalent at best, leaning towards “He’s so badass he fucks lesbians straight!”

Which is just ewwww.[/spoiler]

Which is a bummer, because otherwise I was kind of enjoying myself, even though the rest of the movie had trouble living up to the first half hour.

Saw this yesterday, the best of the Riddick movies by a long way for me. I liked the concept of Pitch Black but the characters other than Riddick were a mixture of obnoxious, annoying, and badly acted fools that I couldn’t have cared less about. Chronicles was… something. I’m glad they fired the editor on that for Riddick though. The first half hour of the movie was up there as the best summer movie entertainment I’ve seen all year, focused on exploring what makes Riddick tick and setting up the second half. Well, one exception, the rather pointless exposition showing how he got there which could have been better done without the flashback, but they had to shoehorn Urban in there somewhere (what a great payday that must have been! When the rest of the cast shows up it doesn’t quite keep up the pace, but it’s still much better than Pitch Black for having interesting characters. My only criticism really was

that after a great build-up to the storm, all tension about how dangerous the creatures were evaporated once they left the camp, especially as the first half hour went to such pains to show how dangerous they can be. Still, the final 15 minutes finally gave them teeth.


Neither my wife or I thought Riddick turned Starbuck straight. There was obviously plenty of banter between them, and the straddling seemed a deliberate “That’s all you’re getting” from her despite what was said. I was more disappointed that they didn’t get her character more involved, she was more interesting than most of the faceless mercs.

Yuck. Katey Sackoff. Just yuck.

Never understood the appeal. Battle Star would have been better if she wasnt a part of it.

Looks like she has been working out and got a boob job. But still… yuck!

Otherwise, I liked the movie.

^?? spolier

The dirty merc leader was surprisingly stupid… thought a merc leader would be a lot smarter than he.

This has got to be one of the most puzzling franchises.

I’ve only seen Pitch Black which is mostly okay.

I guess I should get to watching these other Riddick movies then.

The second one is forgettable, the third one is really fun.