Ridge Racer demo up on Live

I haven’t downloaded it yet, so I don’t know if it’s broken in any way–maybe the missing dinosaur from the King Kong demo shows up and eats your car or something–but it’s there if you want it.

Following up, it works, but curiosity’s the only reason to download it, and from what I can tell, a die hard fanatacism for the Ridge Racer series would be the only reason to buy it.

I downloaded it as well out of curiosity and I’d have to agree. It was very bland and boring, not to mention the announcer was very annoying. Also, once I realized the accelerator was mapped to a button instead of a trigger, I almost quit out of principle.

Suzuki tsx

Yeah, this actually went up on Thursday afternoon. I saw it just before I left work, and so when I got home I booted up my 360 and went to download it. But it wasn’t there. Turns out it was pulled less than an hour after being available because the file was corrupted. But they quickly got a fixed version back up.

As for the demo, I sort of liked it. I have to agree with the comments on GAF about it feeling like your car is on rails and driving itself. But you could do worse for an arcade racer.

The announcer is definitely annoying. But has there ever been an announcer in real life or gaming whose sole purpose wasn’t to annoy the shit out of everyone within earshot? That wasn’t a rhetorical question; the answer is no, there hasn’t.

Huh, I guess I lucked out, playing with the sound off.

Um… huh? The full game has the accelerator on the trigger.

Then it’s an even more retarded choice for the demo. A is gas, right trigger is turbo.

I purposefully switched A to gas and put turbo on triggers in the retail game. I found it got really tiring holding the trigger in and out of every race, the game never demands you de-cellerate or brake so… Also, I particularly liked having both Turbo buttons on the triggers myself, wasn’t a fan of ‘thumbing over’ two face buttons to unleash a Level 3 boost, pulling both triggers is just more comfy.

Also, the announcer can be turned off or you can unlock two other voices in the campaign. One of which is entirely Japanese though.