Ridiculous app-and-Bluetooth-enabled things: a glass jar

…I think tape solved this problem.

$45k funding.
The heck?

People just can’t CONTAIN their excitement!

$50 for a jar? Really? Does it come with $40 in the jar?
Apparently if you put a fitness tracker spin on anything people will buy it.
Next, a iot toilet that tracks all your output and ties it into all your fitness apps!

The Sega Toylet is a thing.
There’s also the Dutch PlaceToPee, which was renamed for legal reasons from PleeStation.

(No, really)

This sounds basically identical to the Vessyl smart mug concept from last year, though that claimed to identify the contents of the mug automatically.

Yeah, this is a steal compared to that! More seriously, I can see an appeal to a connected kitchen, but the tech to make it worthwhile just isn’t there, yet. I would need a fridge and freezer that automatically knew their contents and are able to pick up expiration dates, cabinets that would do the same, plates that could anaylze nutrition content by placing food on them, and things like Vessyl mugs to drink from. No pre-programming or “set up.” The power usage would have to be (magically) minimal, because I’m not going to double my electric bill for this. Then I would need that to all operate on a private network, because I’ll be damned if I let some third party know what I’m munching down on while playing games late at night, and if I see one “share on Facebook or Twitter” link pop up while cooking or eating, then I might lose it.

So I get a flying car first, then we’ll see this in what - 10 years?

The $50ish price is not valid anymore since it’s an early-backer price. Regular price is $100ish. Each. Jesus.

This jar is ridiculous; conversely I own a Drop connected scale and it’s awesome. I love to bake, and like most bakers, I understand the precision needed to get consistently good results, and have developed all kinds of anal retentive habits when I’m measuring wet and dry stuff. The Drop scale makes that all go away, and instead I’m just flinging in ingredients willy nilly until the app registers the proper amount is in the bowl. It’s simple enough that I let my 4 ½ year old daughter use it with me, and she loves it.

So, doesn’t qualify as a useless Bluetooth and app enabled thing, just the opposite in fact, but I know they’re out there…

Here. This right here.

It’s a device that tells you when to go poop.

“We have detected activity in your intestines. You have roughly 10 MIN before you’ll need to go potty.”

I can’t tell if that’s a joke or not.

wouldn’t people with crohn’s or ibs want this?

I’d strongly suspect that they wouldn’t show the “standard” patterns which the device was looking for anyway.

But… but… Real Time Nutrition!

That’s what I thought (once I stopped laughing) but apparently the 1.0 version won’t be able to deal with irregular intestinal issues according to the dev.

I guess this is for really healthy people that don’t know when to poop.

That’s got real potential. Can you plug your own recipes into the app?

If someone is going to pay $100 for the app, then this app worth it…

Sadly, nope. There’s no mechanism for converting non-weight based recipes into scale friendly ones. I think they have a submission form for recipe suggestions and they’ll potentially do it for you. The current recipe selection is quite good, though!

Can you poop into the smart jar?

And then it’ll give you a recipe?

So then what do I do with my analog poop jars? Can I grandfather them?