Ridley Road on Masterpiece

Just watched the first episode of this and it’s pretty decent. Deals with a literal National Socialist movement in 1962 London and a Jewish anti-fascist group sending people into it as undercover agents, including our heroine Vivien “Evans” (but really Epstein) from Manchester who goes to London looking for her lost love, only to learn what he’s really up to (infiltrating the neo-Nazis).

I had no idea the neo-Nazis were this brazen in Britain that soon after the war. In one of the scenes it looks like they actually incorporated some footage of a real near-riot that broke out at an event of the NSM in 1962 between their adherents and opponents.

Here’s a trailer:

Nothing gets me to add something to my overwhelmed backlog of shows to check out like “pretty decent”! :)

Hehe, point taken. The costumes and hairdos and cars all look like things from 60 years ago in a London that was coming of its 1950s funk and about to enter its “swinging sixties” period.

Apparently the Trafalgar Riot that happens in the first episode was indeed a thing, as was the “National Socialist Movement” complete with effing swastikas on display, a mere 17 years after V-E Day and about 22 after the Battle of Britain, as well as a group of anti-Fascists called the 62 Group.