Rifts for NGage

Ok, I have seen the article now in several gaming mags (check EGM, eg…go to that wireless gaming ad section). There is a preview for a Rifts game. It looks like it will use the Final Fantasy Tactics style system for combat and feature the main classes from the Rifts RPG.

Now I have been looking forward to a CRPG version of Rifts for a LONG time. I have always hoped it would be turn-based; in fact, an SRPG is exactly what I had in mind. So I am excited. However, I have NO plans to buy an NGage, and I am disappointed that it is the system chosen. Does anyone know if this game will be ported or if other versions will come out for other systems? If not, does anyone know if there will be other games for the NGage that won’t suck? It seems like they are really trying to make a better system this time, but I am skeptical because of the previous xp.

Some of you may not be familiar with Rifts. Here’s a link to Palladiumbooks:


Rifts always seemed horribly unbalanced to me.

All of Palladium’s games were, but it was a great setting. I also used to love the Palladium Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG (based on the edgy tongue-in-cheek E&L comic, before the crappy mass market cartoon ruined the franchise), especially with the “After the Bomb” post-apocalyptic expansion. But the rules (which were, like Rifts, a version of the Palladium fantasy RPG–also an interesting game) were always pretty iffy, and required a lot of tweaking to make for a playable game.

The new QD actually looks OK. The original NGage was not bad, actually, but it had a couple of crippling flaws (mainly the imbecilic positioning of the memory card: ‘sidetalking’ was just a result of people not understanding how to use a hands-free.) Don’t know if they’ve added Java support for Bluetooth.

I’ve been using an NGage I’ve been borrowing for research purposes as a portable FM radio, and it does a good job of that. The new QD doesn’t have that, though.

Heh, we used to paly TMNT with Ninjas and Superspies used for martial arts. Talk about unbalanced!

If I remember correctly, this is some kind of first-party (or Nokia funded at least) deal, so it is more unlikely it’ll be ported.

I saw it at E3 this year in the far corner of Nokia’s booth. I have been a rifts player since about 1991 or so, and I was so hyped.

Then I saw it on a little demo screen. The first word that came to mind was “shit”. I boo-hoo-hooed about it all day to GMicek.

C’mon, you have to give more detail than that.

Well setting aside that Siembieda et al are a bunch of tools, the game looked like shit. The bit that I saw before running away screaming in terror was of course of the classic bad boy of Rifts Earth, the Glitter Boy. Big bada boom, right? Yeah not in the screens I saw. It looked like a roundy VW bugged out blue goober. Like the artist who does"Anime for 8 year old girls" drew it. And it had some kind of voice over talking about the Glitter Boy, so I know that I was mistaking it for some girly bot thing.

As I said, I watched about 15 seconds of art and left. Honestly I don’t have a clue what the gameplay was like, or even if there was any on the display.

So my gaming group is about to start a Rifts campaign and I remembered there was a game for the NGage that came out in 2005 or so. Has anyone played the NGage game? How was it? Any chance of a port?

I like how the official website promises screenshots later down the road. It’s only been 4 years?

I played it.

It was ok for an cellphone game. You missed NOTHING.