Rifts: the Qt3 roster

Rifts opens today for pre-orders before its official launch next week. If you’re playing and you want to hook up with other Qt3 players, post your character name, server, and faction.

  • The recommended server for PvE is Wolfsbane for Defiant characters.

  • The recommend server for PvP is Sunrest for Guardian characters.

If you’re interested in a guild, a group called the Drop Bears will be playing on Wolfsbane, but you’ll have to post on these forums to join them. For a PvP guild, a group called The Wanderers will be playing on Sunrest. You can sign up here.

To talk about the game, here’s a thread for general discussion.

See you in, uh, what’s it called? Telura or something? Tarula? Talulla? See you there.


Can I be a Glitter Boy?

It’s Rift, not Rifts.

Unless you’re trolling, if so, bravo.

Your inappropriate pluralization is megadamaging to my delicate sensibilities.

It amazed me how much that annoyed me in the general thread :P

I’ll be on Wolfsbane, probably with Drop Bears unless we get a groundswell of QT3 participation in another server/guild - I’ve no real interest in PVP in a WoW clone.

Character names totally not decided on yet, though I’ll probably be dull and just use Warmachine/Hordes names or something.

Ha, that’ll teach me to check someone else’s thread to verify a game title. However, aren’t there multiple rifts in the game? Like, they open all over the place and let mobs in, like those portals in Oblivion? So why wouldn’t the game be called Rifts?


Can you play a wargen in this game? I love my wargen rouge.

Well, you can play a warden. :)

I think you mean “worden”

(Assuming you’re serious) there’s a tabletop roleplaying game of long standing called Rifts, which casually mixes pretty much any genre and setting content imaginable into one huge incoherent setting with the designer’s usual barely intelligible ruleset. It’s a glorious mess. You might have heard of it in connection with their brilliant decision to license development of a videogame based on it…for the N-Gage.

Playing with Drop Bears on Wolfsbane, character name TBD later.

Rolling four characters on a Guardian RP server, playing with no one. Also rolling four characters on Defiant Belmont, playing with Goons.


We picked the server that, within 30 seconds of the servers going live, has a login queue of 853.


The Wanderers are also planning to be guardians on sunrest, so that’s a nice coincidence. The more good players on the server, the better.

Yes because what happens at the very first minute of launch is a good indicator of how things will go at every other time…

How are the queues on the other servers?

I’m not willing to lose my place in line to check, but I would bet all servers are getting slammed right now. After all, you can’t be slow if you want to nab Legolas, Gimli, Drizzt and Frodo for your character names!

And according to the Rift forums, someone logged into Whitefall and the queue was 4000!

FWIW all bar one of the US servers are marked as “FULL”. Wolfsbane has a 1600 queue at the moment.

Wolfsbane full 30min+ wait to log.

Make that 1 hour+.

I’m on Briarthorn, the biggest clusterfuck there is. And my girlfriend then wanted to play with the character creator, so no Rift for me tonight!

I nabbed the following names:

-Fatality (this dude was a huge obnoxious prick on Briarthorn in beta, blocking his name will be funny)
-Itssofluffy (girlfriend’s name)

It seemed like everyone was logging on and filling up their list with as many “joke” names as they could.