Right-wing mouthpieces are failed/aspiring entertainers?

Have any of you seen this theory before? Still trying to wrap my head around if this is real or not:

Where do you think Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon hail from? She’s a failed stand-up comedian. He’s a movie producer/media investor.

From about 2015 on, the word got out: brush up on talking points, get a good professional makeover and start submitting anything that sounded coherent to far-right media outlets and if you were telegenic enough, you were going to be able to vault to the front of the line, ahead of traditional Republican talking heads who wanted nothing to do with Trumpism on the way up. It was the grift of all grifts.

You’re kidding?

I mean, for real she has a law degree and political DNA bona fides. But she also spent most of the 1990s as a fairly unknown person (outside of the hard right Breitbarters) in Washington as a pollster and staffer for some PACs. And while doing that work, she took a very brief stab at standup. But mostly she was considered a junior-grade, less media-savvy version of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. And cultivated most of her chops as a pollster/public opinion surveyer.

This has made the rounds here before, I’m sure. Still, I’m terribly sorry, y’all.

If you make it to the end, she performs a song.

I made it to 1:10. Do I win a prize?

And were they trying to protect children or destroy them? Yech.

It does explain a lot about her.

But you need to remember that it explains a lot about the media and the cult of personality on both sides.


That’s why she’s friends with Bill Maher.

I have my issues with Maher but if his career counts as failure, I want that lack of success in my own career, haha.

I saw this yesterday too. If you all read that thread, like, it’s a who’s who of right wing nutjobs.


Anna Khait and Tarah Price were recruited from #ExploreTalent and paid $10,000 each by former British spy Richard Seddon in collusion with Erik Prince to entrap and spy on Trump’s political opponents. There was a New York Times story on it. It was a big deal.

Okay. But you know what is a big deal? Proof that Trump tried to force the DOJ to call the election corrupt. Why is that not a bigger deal? It infuriates me.

Nothing against you JP. Just the world.