Right wing robot!


Seems about right.

Here’s one that’s more right:


As bartender, a robot was hired.
And to converse the robot was wired
To take time to find out
What it can talk about -
Knowing the patron’s IQ is required.

So Patron One’s asked, “what’s your IQ?”
“It’s one-thirty. But what’s that to you?”
“It shows we can converse”
“About science, and verse,”
“And finance, and ideas old and new.”

Patron Two was asked, “what’s your IQ?”
He answered, “It’s one-hundred-and-two.”
The bartender thought, we
Can talk sports and TV,
And with that their relationship grew.

Patron Three was asked, “what’s your IQ?”
“Seventy - that I’m quite slow is true.”
What could they talk about?
Robot figured it out -
“In your left-wing agenda, what’s new?”