Rik Mayall Dies

Breaking new, he was a great comedian and actor he was in a lot of BBC comedies and very popular.

He was in The Young Ones, The New Statesmen, Balckadder, Comic Strip, Bottom, Filthy Rich and Catflap as well as a few films.

What the hell? How old was he, I can’t imagine he’s much past 50?


Best of bottom clips below


Ah man, he actually made Drop Dead Fred watchable when I was a kid. Although I loved his work on The Young Ones far more.

Oh no! Another little piece of my childhood gone.

Terrible news. I absolutely loved Bottom, New Statesman and Lord Flashheart in Blackadder.


RIP The People’s Poet

If Cliff Richard doesn’t sing at his funeral, it will be a goddamn shame.

A good TV-‘friend’ are gone.

Anytime someone your age dies, it makes you wonder where time has gone.
He’s like an old friend you’ve lost contact with, and suddenly hears they have passed on.
I’ve got a dvd with a series of Bottom. Time to see it Again.

Bottom up.

This was very sad. Gone way before his time :( sniffles

There is no news on the cause of death yet, other than it was sudden, The Met. police were called as is routine in such circumstances in London, but are said not to be suspicious.

BBC report:

RIP Rik Mayall.

I never actually watched The Young Ones, or Bottom, or The New Statesman, but I do remember him from Blackadder and of course the great Bad News:

Young Ones actually ran on…DR1 I think, Nikolaj and it was quite funny. I especially remember the time they got a nuclear bomb - so much fun!

Yeah, I know, and everybody kept telling me to watch it, but I just never got around to it. I still want to, someday.

They actually “played” live at Castle Donington for that movie, and almost got killed by the audience. That took some serious balls, to stand in front of a crowd who expected the quality of Ozzy Osbourne and Motörhead. The result is the funniest music parody ever.

Crap. Only a year older than me.