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I know in a game this unrealistic this shouldn’t bother me but hay does not expire in 60 days, high and dry that’s going to last, we’re talking indefinite type storage for dried hay in a dry and covered area. This feels like a change to just make things harder without allowing anything like sense to stick around.


I can make sillage, that’s hay + vegetable, that never rots indoors. It may have been from a mod.


I do too but man. I pulled hay from the fields as a kid, they call shuck or shucked hay. You bind it with rope, throw it in the barn… as long as it doesn’t get wet, that will last forever. It’s dry grass. Their spoilage on it points to people who’ve never worked with animals and/or someone who made the change just to make it harder. I’m all for harder, but this makes no sense at all.


Also keep a shelf with some EMP grenades somewhere central so someone can grab them when mechanoids attack.

I’ve got a number of bionic legs and hearts among my shooters now so I kite. Just last night I took over a dozen scythers on a tour of the outside of my walls. Making sure to pass by every cluster of spike traps on the way. While it takes a many wood spike traps to down a scyther, steel spikes make quick work of them.


I was running the More Trade Ships mod for a while, until recently I realized it wasn’t really working anymore. I think 1.0 either broke it outright or gimped it somehow. But I just found Adjustable Trade Ships, which I like better anyway.


My main reason for it is plasteel. I seem to have a super hard time finding it on the maps I roll, and visiting traders never have it.


Have you ever tried to make a stockpile with just one thing? have you wished you could just type it in instead of going through a bunch of expandable menus?

OKAY DISCOURSE Jpinard posted it before but he posted 999 mods.



I love EMP’s, but holy crap they cost a lot to make. In my map I can’t possibly keep up the amount of EMP mortars I’d need to deal with them. Same with EMP traps.


Would love to know this too. Keyboard shortcuts seem to be still quite dependent on certain mouse clicks first - which defeats the whole purpose of them really.


You just need 1 EMP to land and it’s a nice stun. Then send in steel mace guys (uranium/jade may be better not sure). They fare well against armor apparently.

I’m learning the kiting after being encouraged by thrag. kite them into a killing zone.

5 sniper dudes (15 shooting or so) picked off a lone scyher, then one EMP landed on the remaining scyther and 2 centipides. Easiest fight against mecha I’ve ever done.


Maces are better than swords against mechs?


I don’t have weapons to compare, but based on the hit points of statues, jade is more fragile than stone (jade large statue has 75 hit points, marble 180).

I have one melee guy currently. He wields a mace so that hopefully he downs enemies instead of killing them outright. His excellent plasteel mace does 9.48dps with 23% armor penetration. I’m not sure about uranium and if it does better damage, but plasteel is at least second best.


I haven’t found anything yet…


More tips on running a farm. I was clicking one by one to switch grazing zones for animals.

Turns out you can just hold down left button and drag your way down the list. Much better when you have to deal with dozens of critters.

Currently I have alpacas (wool), muffalos (greatest caravan animals), huskies, and wild pigs (winter larders + protein recyclers). I also had dozens of chickens and turkeys but I lost a bunch the last winter due to starvation.

One more obvious tip that took me too long to figure out, pawns walk slower over stuff so… keep your stockpiles off your pathways and you can create obstacles to slow down invaders through zone control too.


How do your people deal with seeing dead bodies all the time?


Yeah that’s an issue, the guys keep going in to retrain the piggies. Seems ok.

I just had an insect infestation and my only defense were 2 snipers, 1 assault rifle and 2 melee. I used the snipers to kite and my vast amount of animals as a distraction. I just kited them through my fields.

Rest of my guys were invading an enemy base which I’ve never done before. It was kinda stressful doing two things at once.

I did have one problematic pawn, he became drug addicted AND was a body purist. Unfortunately I had picked him to have 4 new cyber limbs. This was a problem. I kept anesthetizing him but it would wear off. I read a solution. I removed his legs and he stayed on the hospital bed detoxing. I’ll put the legs back in later.


Are your colonists dropping like flies… why are there bodies all the time?

I mean digging a grave or using the other grave like options is usually enough to get rid of the people bodies since I don’t keep cannibals around.


Oh I meant in relation to using them as pig feed. Since colonists might be going in and out of there a lot to deliver hay and bodies. Yea I’m fine with normal disposal methods lol.


Oh i see what you mean. They’re being disturbed by constantly seeing the body. Can’t you find someone who doesn’t care about bodies to maybe turn them into kibble or something if it is that bothersome?


Agreed. Human “meat” also seems to cause less issues than the corpse too, and of course kibblizing it as you suggest. The only hit is to the butcher then, so only one mood to worry about.

I now keep a look out for psychopath’s with cooking skill. They don’t even need to be the main cook. Keep one butcher station (not the table) somewhere near your corpse pile, and send the psychopath there on priority whenever you have a corpse. Have it with the bill for human meat.



And surround the corpse pile with walls and just one door to the butcher table so no one else sees it.

Psychopath cooks and graveyard diggers, the best combo! It’s like a scene from a bad horror movie.