Rim World

Here is the list i used in my most recent Rimworld live-streams. They are all QoL or UI mods, no content additions.

HugsLib, Mod Manager, Research Tree, Dubs Mint Menus, ShowModDesignators, EdB Prepare Carefully, Faction Control 1.0, RenameColony, Work Tab, Numbers, Blueprints, Export Agency, Heat Map, Color Coded Mood Bar, Food Alert, Trading Spot 1.0, Camera+, Allow Tool, Path Avoid 1.0, Smart Medicine, Better Pawn Control, Medical Tab, QualityBuilder, Predator Hunt Alert, Blighted Alert, Replace Stuff, More Faction Interaction, Interaction Bubbles, Defensive Positions, Where is my weapon, Achtung!, Rimfridge 1.0, RunandGun, Animals Logic, Pick up and Haul, Rimhud.

Thank you for these, that’s very helpful!

There is an obvious RW feel from the videos for this:

Been watching it but I have not bitten. I think it is still very early on.

Interesting, thanks!

Doesn’t count as a RimWorld mod, though. ;)

I’ll try and stick to ones not already listed, as I use some of those:

Animal Variety Coats
[Ods] Men’s Hair
Xeva’s Rimhair
Spoons Hair Mod
Facial Stuff 1.0
KV Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats

Toggle Harvest
Inventory Tab
Research Pal
Numbers (customizable)
Where’s the gravel (texture replace - helps old eyes)
Draggable Corners

Use for QoL but have features that can change gameplay (settings dependent, but not adding content):
Simple Sidearms

Ones I use sometimes:
Search and Destroy (helps w/micro - but eh AI micro is bad - sometimes use if hand is hurting)
Linkable Doors (visual)

One I use that has some new content, but much is configurable off:
[RF] Fishing [1.0] - I think not having fish is more oversight, the recipes are configurabe, so you can have it where it just allows fishing, and the fish go through the normal butcher -> cook as meats

Repeating my mod suggestions from above.

For content mods I highly recommend Sparkling Worlds - adds some late game tech that feels VERY much a part of the game (not overpowered). It also adds several events that adds some flavor as you’re playing.

Giddy-up Caravan mod makes traveling the mao much easier and this expands the range of how you play and trade vs the locals.

Thanks, I’ll check them out!

Is there one for building roads? Last I checked there wasn’t for 1.0.

Roads of the Rim

I don’t use it myself. I use Giddy-Up, mounts instead.

Hah, I just finished my first game of Rimworld (maybe my last, who knows), and just as I am turning out the light, I noticed it is literally quarter to three. I have not done this in a very long time.

Both Anthem and The Division 2 have done this to me lately, and it had been years before then. The next days were rough. I’ve learned that I am, in fact, too old for that shit ;)

Fortunately you’ve already found the support group for such addictions ;)

Just about done with research in Septober 5509, so I’m going to start building the spaceship for the first time (first game). Can I just slap it together in any random way with the right count of parts or do certain things have to be joined together? Thanks

Screenshots of the settlement



Iirc the spaceship parts need to be connected but it doesn’t really matter how, as long as it’s contiguous.

Very nice.

Do you have trouble with the guys in the furthest bedroom properly using the dining room for breakfast? I try to keep my dining room central to housing to minimize the chances the eat outside of it and maximize the chances they at least pass through to get the room bonus. I wonder if that’s less necessary now as it is a habit I acquired in beta.

Yes, but they tend to have at least one meal a day in the dining room, so it seems manageable.

Getting people to use meal tables is a royal pain in the ass.

I put a big one in the rec room next to the kitchen trying to get them to use that, and for the most part that is the one they tend to use the most. But I also put a table and chair in their bedrooms just to give them another option to avoid them complaining about it.

Of course under the heading no good deed goes unpunished the trade caravans come in and then proceed to eat in every place with a table annoying and/or waking everyone up.

Things need to be connected to the structural part. So, for example, you cannot connect a cryopod to an engine.

Just an idle observation from my cracking open a colony tonight for the first time in awhile as I had set it aside for a bit because I couldn’t stop playing Aggressors: Ancient Rome, still can’t actually. This was just me taking a break from it.

So, about half way thru this colony run and I was just thinking to myself when I restarted this one that rimworld needs an in-game note taking or journal option (in the really obvious tab called history just add one more tab called notes). Due to old timers I forget from one day to the next where I left off, what I was planning, who hates who, what I was doing with other tribes, I mean the list is endless. Or maybe you just want to pop in some notes because a game famous for generating stories it would be nice jot a few notes along the way so you could remember them.

And yeah, you can open up notepad or whatever, but you know I like running this full screen, I don’t want to tab out, and honestly just how freaking hard would it have been for dear ole Tynan to throw a tab for note taking in? We all know the answer is not hard at all. And yes I checked for mods, some idle chit chat about making one but nothing ever came of it and I’m not a mod maker.

/end of observation turned mild rant prompted by my need to remember the next time I play this I’ve got an AI core mission with the clock ticking that is very near by (anyone familiar with the game knows this is an absolute must do mission as AI cores are rather hard to come by in 1.0)