Rim World


Well, I’ve got my space ship built to get off this rock, but I’ve got one sticking point, the latest release has made getting a persona AI core more difficult, I’m basically stuck waiting for an event to trigger that has as its reward the AI core I need.

To me at least, it sort of seems like there ought to be multiple ways to get these, which as I understand it, used to be the case.

I’m going on nearly 10 years of holding on trying to find one of these, for no particular reason really other than I want to see what happens when you leave, well that and I’ve done just about everything I wanted to with this colony and I want to bring it to what feels like a fitting end.

I got to say, just getting the supplies together to build the thing was an undertaking, there is a fair amount of steel, plasteel and advance components that goes into one of these. And now that I’ve gone to all that trouble it’s a tad annoying I have to just wait and hope, basically praying to the RNG gods that I get this quest event.

Meanwhile some of the raids are getting positively dangerous, whether it’s low level raiders blowing holes in walls or those Scyther and centipedes that are a real headache. Starting to doubt whether I can hang on long enough to get this AI Core.


What are the recommended mods these days? For Quality of life and maybe something interesting like the prosthetics one referenced above?

Just picked this up after reading too many awesome descriptions above.


Man, just had one of those poison ships land and drop two centipedes, one had an inferno gun that started fires all over the place (both my structures and half my colonists) plus another one that had a minigun. They’re so tanky that it took quite some time to take them out and meanwhile they injured half my colony, induced a heart attack in my medic who I only narrowly saved thanks to one other colonists having med skills and I had some glitter world medicine on hand.

This one was touch and go. I keep fearing that one of these days I’m not going to be able to hold them off, which would be a shame, I’ve got the ship entirely completed waiting to take them off this rock, I just can’t seem to get the mission/quest that provides me with the core AI you need to pilot it.


For those looking for mods:

More vanila Turrets Adds more turret types
RTGs Passive nuclear power generation (gives you an early use for uranium)
Advanced Powergeneration Adds Tier 2 power buildings
Psychology Makes pawn interactions far more organic. Sexual orientation is now graded on Kinsey scale rather than having a ‘gay’ trait.
ProgrammableVents Open and close vents automatically based on temperature
RT Fuse Adds fuses to surpress the battery overload event
Roof Support Adds roof support that can be passed through (unlike walls)
LT-Doormat Adds doormats which gather dirt when walked over (less cleaning required)
All The Kibble Adds two types of kibble so you can store food for creatures who normally don’t eat it (like wargs).
Extended Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Adds a ton of medical stuff and bionics.
Matching Embrasures Adds a wall type that allows you to shoot through it (this really changes how you approach combat)
Small shelf A one cell size shelf
RimFridge A buildable fridge (1,2 or 4 spaces)
Expanded Roofing Allows you to build greenhouses and solar panel roofs.
[RF] Fertile Fields Adds a ton of terraform options allowing you to alter terrain however you like (is very labour intensive to do so though)
A Dog Said… Allows prosthetics for animals
Megafauna Adds a ton of extinct megafauna animals (which are Thrumbo level of dangerous) Compatible with A Dog Said…
Repair Workbench Allows you to repair weapons and armor
Rimsenal There are several Rimsenal mods that add weapons, turrets and new factions. I strongly suggest getting the factions at the least (Federation and Ferals)

More Planning Greatly expands planning
Easier Growingzones Allows you to select a single soil type only. So if you choose ‘Rich soil’ and click and drag a piece of land it will only zone the rich soil contained within.
Allow Tool Global allowing
I Can Fix It! If something is destroyed a construction order is set up automatically. No more holes in walls you never noticed until the next raid barrels in through them.
Moody Compact overview for various colonists stats.
MineItAll Adds one-click vein mining as well as grid mining.
AllowDeadMansApparel Allows you to check for deadman apparel in storage zones.
[RF] Faction Control Allows you to set up factions before game start
[RF] Pawns are Capable Pawns can now perform any task. They just suffer an increasing joy malus for having to do the tasks they dislike (as opposed to not being able to do them at all).
Heat Map Color coded overview for temperature
Numbers Allows you to compare any colonists stats in a handy overview.
Path Avoid Allows you to steer pathing.
BetterMinimap Adds a minimap.
[KV]Save Storage & Outfit Settings Allows you to save settings so you can reuse them for new games.
[KV] Trading spot Allows you to pick a location where you want incoming traders to be.
EdB Preparte Carefully Allows you to setup your initial party in detail rather than just randomize them.
[FSF]No Default Shelf Storage No more shelves filled with weapons.
Organized Research Tab Cleans up the research screen(especially handy if you have a lot of mods that add research)
Feed the Colonists Allows you to make 4 meals at one
Better Workbench Management Expands workbench options.
JTReplaceWalls Just paint over existing walls to replace them.
Blueprints Adds blueprints for standard buildings.
Hand me that Brick Haulers now supply construction
Almost everything by Fluffy on Steam Workshop Most of their mods are good. Pick what you like.

HugsLib Framework mod required for a lot of mods
ModSwitch Better management of your modlist.

Various Space Ship Chunk Adds some variations for Ship Chunks
[KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats Hide or show hair depending on headgear.
There’s also a ton of different hair mods in general. Just type ‘hair’ in the steam workshop search box to find them.


Well, finally got the mission with a reward of the persona AI core, it wasn’t easy getting there, wasn’t easy getting back, but that’s just the nature of Rimworld. Finished up the ship and headed off into the sunset.

Playing and completing this was the most fun I’ve had in a game in years. Hell, having my entire base burned to the ground by a pyromaniac the first go through was more fun than I’ve had in a game in years.

So yeah, I’m ready to start from scratch tomorrow and do it all again!


Are you gonna miss those guys who just blasted off after spending so much time with them?


Definitely going to miss them, I’ve gotten to know them better than any characters in an RPG. The emergent game play and narrative of the characters is one of the central things I love about this game.

The death of one of my guys mid-campaign was mourned by me and the survivors who visited his grave regularly.


So the spaceship is only for the original colonists and not the others that join later in the game? Man that’s rough :(


Is there any chance you could put together a zip file or similar of your collection of mods?


If you’re running the Steam version (which I think is generally recommended, these days), that wouldn’t really be an option, short of creating the equivalent of a Steam Workshop modpack or something.


Ah, shame. I recently replayed (Steam) Fallout: New Vegas and was able to use zipped modpacks easily, but I understand not all games are equally mod friendly.


I’m pretty sure it’s your choice who you put in the chryo chambers, I could of built more if I wanted to spend some more time collecting the resources and building them. The space ship design on that piece is up to you.


Oh, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it actually may be possible to download mods directly to your Steam game’s mods directory and that using Workshop is not actually a hard requirement. Someone please confirm!


While I haven’t tried this in the recent beta, in prior games after I built a spaceship and sent the whole colony off world I decided to keep the clock running and see what would happen to my now abandoned base. Eventually a traveler came by and took up residence thus beginning a new chapter in the story.


You can definitely use mods outside of the ones on the steam workshop. In fact, after the last version update, when the mods in the workshop started to update, they often left messages saying "if you want this mod for an earlier build, you can find it on my github at … ". There’s a separate folder for manually downloaded mods.

I went through it quite a bit because I wanted to finish my current game before updating. It was a real chore manually disabling all of the auto-updated mods from the steam workshop since they broke my older version of the game until I removed them. I only re-added about 80% of the ones I had before the version update.


You can put mods not downloaded through Steam in “…/Rimworld/Mods/”
Both will work and even have different icons in the mod list.


I’ve used mods outside of Steam. It’s a few extra steps, but it’s fine to do. You just have to manually update them where as Workshop makes that part easy too.



That’s cool, I’ve heard that so many times in the game that I can’t help but love seeing it played live.


Nice touch with the solar panels. Prefer geothermal myself.