Rim World


Definitely going to miss them, I’ve gotten to know them better than any characters in an RPG. The emergent game play and narrative of the characters is one of the central things I love about this game.

The death of one of my guys mid-campaign was mourned by me and the survivors who visited his grave regularly.


So the spaceship is only for the original colonists and not the others that join later in the game? Man that’s rough :(


Is there any chance you could put together a zip file or similar of your collection of mods?


If you’re running the Steam version (which I think is generally recommended, these days), that wouldn’t really be an option, short of creating the equivalent of a Steam Workshop modpack or something.


Ah, shame. I recently replayed (Steam) Fallout: New Vegas and was able to use zipped modpacks easily, but I understand not all games are equally mod friendly.


I’m pretty sure it’s your choice who you put in the chryo chambers, I could of built more if I wanted to spend some more time collecting the resources and building them. The space ship design on that piece is up to you.


Oh, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it actually may be possible to download mods directly to your Steam game’s mods directory and that using Workshop is not actually a hard requirement. Someone please confirm!


While I haven’t tried this in the recent beta, in prior games after I built a spaceship and sent the whole colony off world I decided to keep the clock running and see what would happen to my now abandoned base. Eventually a traveler came by and took up residence thus beginning a new chapter in the story.


You can definitely use mods outside of the ones on the steam workshop. In fact, after the last version update, when the mods in the workshop started to update, they often left messages saying "if you want this mod for an earlier build, you can find it on my github at … ". There’s a separate folder for manually downloaded mods.

I went through it quite a bit because I wanted to finish my current game before updating. It was a real chore manually disabling all of the auto-updated mods from the steam workshop since they broke my older version of the game until I removed them. I only re-added about 80% of the ones I had before the version update.


You can put mods not downloaded through Steam in “…/Rimworld/Mods/”
Both will work and even have different icons in the mod list.


I’ve used mods outside of Steam. It’s a few extra steps, but it’s fine to do. You just have to manually update them where as Workshop makes that part easy too.



That’s cool, I’ve heard that so many times in the game that I can’t help but love seeing it played live.


Nice touch with the solar panels. Prefer geothermal myself.


If I can offer some feedback; he is a little too head-banging.

Nice cover, though.


Does that style of music fit a ‘named’ genre of any sort beyond ‘country rock’? It is basically Starcraft2/Firefly/Hellecasters instrumental but I love it and don’t really know how to find other stuff that matches.

That cover is phenomenal.


Yeah, I don’t know how to categorize it either, but I have to say I really liked it. I think having heard it for 100 hours in the game and still liking it was just nice to see it performed live for some reason.


I’ve been wondering about that: according to the composer Alistair Lindsey the track uses 2 separate guitar tunings for the intro / main sequence making it impossible to perform live, without some adjustments at least.


Interesting. Could be they shot it to look like they were performing it live. Still liked seeing someone playing it.


Oh, you guys didn’t notice that? It’s the same dude playing all the instruments, and in one shot/phrase that keeps coming up he has a capo on this guitar and in the rest he doesn’t, and when he’s playing the lead guitar part he switches back and forth between the bottleneck without actually putting it away/taking it out.

I think to play it live you’d need two rhythm guitars, maybe two lead guitars, and one bass.