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Couple of things about priorities and working… you can just leave the Priorities system on “SIMPLE”, merely putting check marks for pawns that you want to handle certain job functions, ie Doctor, Cooking, etc and unchecking those that you don’t. Pretty sure that’s meant for noobs while they get their feet wet.

Additionally, once you “gradumate” to manual priorities and set them as you see fit, you won’t need to do it again. SUre, there will be times when you’ll make minor adjustments and set up priorities for new recruits but overall, you set it and forget it.

Yes, you can interrupt pawns and force them to focus on a particular task immediately by selecting the pawn and right-clicking on a particular object/project (ie build this wall, repair this turret, hunt this animal, etc) and AFAIK they will try to take it to completion before returning to their “priorities” chart.


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This game is so fun. My last colony didn’t even make it further than 1 potato harvest.

The final straw was a 130F heat wave during an eclipse with solar flares. All during a rainy thunderstorm. My fat pyromaniac woman got mad about being hungry and started lighting fires. This led to my main colonist to dying from burns and heat stroke, leading to my main colonist’s pet warg into a berserk mental break, killing the fat pyromaniac. The other 2 colonists slowly died in their beds from heat stroke, unable to even get an air conditioner running due to the apocalyptic conditions.

What mods are out there that add a lot of reasearch/production chain depth to the game?


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From previous discussion a couple of days back, RW has now easily burst through the 70K number, at around 112K , so I would concede it is selling “like hotcakes”.


Just got the game yesterday, and I am enjoying it so far.

But this:

I would always have said I don’t mind all these early releases, etc. for sale, but I think this is a really frustrating side effect. You never get an organized, definitive manual. You get Let’s Plays that honestly put me to sleep, and wikis that contain interesting details, but never exactly what you need to know, and often not up-to-date.

But in the case of this game, Steam Guide “I Survived the Crash, Now What?” did get me up and running.


I had to watch a couple tutorial videos too, but I didn’t mind; they were entertaining in their own right. Now having lots of fun with this. A lot like Dwarf Fortress, but easier to figure out the UI etc.


Never played much Dwarf Fortress but was always enthralled by the concept (I just didn’t want to deal with the UI). Really enjoying RimWorld and thus far I haven’t had to resort to Let’s Play or tutorial videos, although I enjoy twisting knobs and pulling levers to see what happens.


I haven’t had any traders come by for about a year in my current game. No passing spaceships either. I am not sure what is going on, I haven’t attacked any passersby. I am long since out of regular medicine, which is the only reason I really care. I can’t even trade with the other tribes with the comm station since they all want a gift of 300 silver that I don’t have. It’s strange though, every other game I have played the traders are almost non-stop.

This game is strange in that way. I will go season without any events, then everything hits at once. Right now a 1/4 of my map is on fire from lightning storms, a robot force attacked, and it just threw in a pack of beavers as well. Meanwhile I am in growing season and can’t keep up with my crops.


I caved and literally spent all afternoon playing this. I was helpless to look away from the awesomely batshit procedural soap opera.


I’m still fiddling around with the start of the game. Can anyone share a few tips or tactics regarding early game base defense?


In my experience, if you just have two of your colonists wield weapons, when you’re attacked at first, position them so that they both can shoot and they should take out the attackers before they cause too much harm.


So draft them and just position them intelligently? Do they have to be drafted in order to fight or is there a work priority for guard work? Do you build sandbags or traps in the early game?


It’s pretty quick to build sandbags but they just slow people down. Might be good to put a few in place. I just drafted them and put them in reasonable locations, but they also will fight on their own. Better to position them, though.


I don’t just send 2, I send all of them, which is 9 people in my current game. Of course I usually have at least 5 enemies coming at me in a raid at this point, but I always send everyone. More people will get it over with quicker as well as give everyone shooting experience.

I funnel enemies in from one side. On my current map they have to cross a pond that slows them down, but I have sandbags and wall blocks for cover on the edge of the pond for protection. Manually place people behind cover, but if the enemy has grenades remember not to space them together too closely. Also when there is a grenadier, take him out first. Making sure the enemy doesn’t have cover is always key. I clear all trees and rocks where the enemy will be coming from as well.

I keep my melee guys in full cover close to the front line. If an enemy does get close enough to hit me with hand held weapons, I have my range guys fall back and move in with my melee fighters. There is friendly fire though, so it can be really dangerous doing this. Best to never get to hand-to-hand combat if you can help it.

Also try to make your outsides wall stone. Some enemies will start fires of beat down back doors. I keep a defensive position near back downs when possible so if they do break through, I have cover.


How is this game for someone who is way into DF?

Even if I haven’t played DF in quite a while?

Like, if someone is a super fan of Dwarf fortress… will they like this game? Should I get this on early access?


I didn’t realize there was friendly fire. Good to know.

I’m having so much fun with this! In my current game two of my colonists have fallen in love, and I had to make them a double bed and give them their own space. The third colonist is the mom of one of the lovebirds, and she’s lonely and aging – just got the “frail” trait. A panther wandered into our compound and killed her trusty fox terrier, bumming her out more. A fourth, young guy joined the colony, and I was sorta hoping he’d keep mom company, but no luck yet. We captured a fifth person and sold him into slavery, thereby earning a debuff for a while, but we needed the money, lol.

Managed to refrigerate my food-storage room, and researched stone-cutting, so now I can make walls out of slate and such instead of precious steel. So fun. :)


Like, if someone is a super fan of Dwarf fortress… will they like this game? Should I get this on early access?

I’m a fan of DF, and I really enjoy Rim World. It’s simpler than DF, but it’s still plenty complex. I kinda like that the colony seems to stay pretty small: I still have only four colonists. I know each colonist better, and I watch their comings and goings closely. Also, the UI and graphics are much better, at least for me. But I’m not as into DF as others, so I don’t know if you’d find it satisfying enough. Me, I love it.


The “social meltdown spiral” is strong in this game, had a colony with 9 members for about year and half of game time and was defending myself pretty well. Until a raid managed to kill one of my colonist and 2 of my huskies and half my guys got injured, which resulted in everyone being demoralized due to being friend with that one guy and the death of the pets.

They started going berserk one at a time, then getting KOed by the other colonists, hauled to a medical bed, getting healed and then going berserk again due to the pain from the new injuries.

Only 2 guys managed to barely survive that, and then the storyteller decided to send a warg manhunter pack to my base.

GG Rimworld!


I picked this up a couple of days ago, and am looking forward to having fun losing. From what I’ve read, the game is a great story generator.


My story has certainly been engaging. I’ve made moral choices that are sad, to say the least. For example, I just refused to help rescue a woman who was fleeing an angry pack of tribesmen because I have only one working rifle, plus a turret that was powered down because my solar panels needed repairing. I switched off the radio rather than listen to her screams. Earlier I sold a prisoner into slavery because I was desperate for money to buy food and medicine. Sad, sad, sad!

I’m still struggling with how to acquire steel and components. Traders have hardly sold me any. Mining has produced some steel. Cargo pods occasionally drop on the surface, and I grab those. But I steel manage my steel carefully. (Ha!)