Rim World


I started fresh again yesterday with the jungle tribe scenario and had worked up to building a generator and half my house walls in slate. I still had three of my starting five colonists and things went bad. Two of them including my only doctor developed severe malaria and eventually croaked. When the second one died his bonded Labrador went berserk and attacked my remaining clan member. He then developed a severe chest infection and minor blood loss from the various wounds inflicted by our once beloved pooch.

At that time a wanderer named Donkey showed up. She was young and skilled and I immediately set her to work tending to the other person. Then during a visit from a friendly clan there was a raid. Multiple casualties for the friends, but all the raiders also died. Donkey was very busy fighting the fire they’d started in our fields which took out the potatoes and half of the hops.

In the end both of them survived a while, but one of them was savagely killed by a maddened ostrich and Donkey succumbed to a number of pirate wounds during the next raid.

I am so hooked right now it’s not even funny.


I may soon “win” my first game, on the easiest difficulty level, so it won’t be a great achievement. The enemies have been weak. I finally had a raid, and it consisted of one guy with a club, lol.

So for my next game I’ll increase the difficulty. I may also want to try a mod or two. Is there a favorite mod that adds more to the tech tree? Maybe the new Medieval Times mod, or Industralization? Also, I wish steel were a bit easier to come by. Throughout my game, I’ve been reluctant to build fun things because of my persistent steel shortage. Maybe I need to mine more aggressively – but then again, my colony is built under a mountain, so i’ve done a lot of mining.

So, any mod suggestions?


I’ve put in about 16 hours and don’t feel like I’m even close to winning on Rough difficulty, let alone worried about mods since I have yet to even get half of the research tree done.

I have a feeling I’m going to be playing this for a very long time.


It seems like combat in Rimworld is always either too easy or too hard. I’ll get attacked by a 60 year old man with a club, and then a few days later a death squad of robots or a huge army or something shows up and crushes my fledgling colony with no hope of winning. Turning down the difficulty lower means you rarely ever seen attacks and they’re total pushovers. Wish the AI did more to analyze what you actually have so it could better tailor the encounters :(


I was thinking about picking this up, but the art style really has turned me off. It feels too close to prison architect.


Yeah, it’s a bit janky sometimes on that front. I had one lady in a jungle tribe that had great shooting skills so I made her my main hunter and gave her a short bow. The first two times she went hunting I think a squirrel and maybe a racoon both knocked her unconscious before she could kill them and she had to be rescued.

Later a turtle she was hunting went to sleep in the middle of her shooting at it and and she was still missing the damn thing when I drafted her and put her right next to it.

That’s definitely a thing I was getting annoyed by.


This always surprises me a bit. I find this art style for a game of this nature absolutely perfect, and wish someone could hack up Dwarf Fortress to use it too (yes, I understand why that wouldn’t exactly work). One of my favorite things about it is that it appears modders are generally able to imitate the style, which means a wealth of mods that blend in almost transparently. Vegetable Garden, GlitterTech, etc.


I guess, honestly, I think I prefer the DF art style. Especially the DF art style that some of the mods have fixed up that look like a 16 bit game. Heck, some people have even built some rendering systems that make the game a 3d experience.


I’m loving this game. It’s The Sims with teeth.


I love this game, but it mostly makes me want to play DF.

Every time some arsehole shows up and spoils the karma of my perfect Kumbaya Base I want to be able to send them to pull the Lever of Conflict Resolution™. Putting them into draft mode and having them stand in the corner and face the wall until they die doesn’t have the same… panache.


I tend to prefer DF as well (and not only because dwarves… I think), but I’m just so thrilled that this genre is getting so many recent entries. It is by far my favorite game style, and even when they can’t match DF they usually are bringing at least something to the table.


New patch released on Steam. Adds tutorial, drugs, deep drilling and some other minor tweaks.

Good to see some progress happening on the game!


Want to know why there are so many bisexual females in RimWorld?

In summary:

  • Men are about eight times as likely as women to try and start a romance.

  • Pawns with disabilities will always be found less attractive.

  • Beautiful pawns are always considered vastly more attractive; ugly pawns, vastly less. Physical beauty is the only trait that governs attractiveness, aside from sexual orientation.

  • Straight men always find men unattractive. Gay men always find women unattractive. There are no bisexual men.

  • Women may find women attractive. Gay women always find men unattractive. There are only bisexual or gay women.

  • All men consider partners aged 20 to their own age most attractive. If they’re under 20, they’ll find pawns 20 or over most attractive, with no regard for pawns that are a similar age to them.

  • All women consider partners the same age and older most attractive. Partners slightly younger than themselves are very unattractive, and partners that are 10 years younger than them are always considered unattractive.

  • All men consider any pawn 15 years older than themselves to be unattractive.

  • There is no “old age” cutoff for women. No matter how much older a partner is, women have some chance of finding them attractive.[/quote]

Editor’s note: The developer was contacted for interview as part of this article, but declined to take part unless we ceded editorial control over the publishing of that interview. We do not cede editorial control to developers or interview subjects and so no interview took place.[/quote]



The RPS comment thread went well.


Yup. The developer comment is something.


He walked back his original response a little to somewhere softer later on, but yes, that first reply is definitely something.


Woah the dev of this game is a big shit, I feel uncomfortable owning this game now, I regret buying it. Defending bullshitters who hide behind free speech because he doesn’t even get the basics of it, yet he did make a cool game. Not sure if I will play it again, gotta think about it.


Now the moral sensitivity police are poring over game simulation scripts for things to be offended about?

I can’t really blame the dev for getting salty about an obvious hit piece.


This is just simply a lack of self awareness. I do not think they developer actually put a lot of thought into those rules. He just needed rules and came up with some. I also do not blame him for a lack of self awareness because it is down-right rare for people to have any real sense of self-awareness. I mean, how many of us really know, as in having taken an inventory of our beliefs, what it is we believe? Then having done that, examined our beliefs and actually understand why we believe what we do?

In the game world, this is rampantly obvious. I have long since noticed how it is very difficult to create an ugly woman, and how difficult, if not impossible, to create a beautiful male avatar.

I really think things are going a bit too far with the politically correct police.


The author didn’t strike me as offended. As far as I can tell, she’s wondering why some aliens struggling for survival on a far-away planet would emulate the romantic behavior of 21st century urban hipsters. It’s a question worth asking.