Rim World


Very complete. Obviously some systems still need work, and there are bugs, but you can have a very satisfying Dwarf-fortress esque simulation with the game as is.


I have 23 hours played and I’m only my second attempt at creating a world. I have grown pretty attached to the five members of the enclave and I like the leisurely pace at which things happen. Some times they go crazy or get depressed. One of the five was originally a raider. The others shot her but didn’t kill her, then nursed her back to health and convinced her to stay. She’s my best miner right now. I set up an outer barrier with lots of traps which maim the occasional raider and then I can capture them in hopes of convincing others to stay. Or I can keep them in the prison and sell them when traders come by, so they’re worth more alive, you know.

Here’s my folks hanging out and getting breakfast. Except for Grub, who’s awake but he’s hiding in his room because he’s a bit angry. I have to find new ways to keep him happy, because he’s the best builder and hauler I have. Vitaly likes cooking and researching, but refuses to haul stuff or even chop wood. He says he’s a novelist.

So, yeah, buy it.


Oh man. Waldo went nuts because I was working him too hard. He attacked the dog and Le, so Grub had no choice but to take out his rifle and shoot him dead before everyone was hurt. For the greater good.

Now they have to decide whether to eat him. Waldo Lasagna, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of starting over now that I’ve got the hang of things. I was playing vanilla, but what are the must-have mods?


So sorry to hear about Waldo. I vote for Waldo Strognoff myself.


I don’t use many mods but ED-Embrasures (which gives you these gun holes to fire through walls) is a game changer for defense. My main complaint about the game is that the combat is annoying and the embrasures really make it a lot easier to defend yourself which adds to the enjoyment for me.


Thanks. Any quality of life or UI mods you recommend?


Man, this game really surprised me last night. Playing vanilla, Cassandra, tough, desert mountains and doing quite well. Was building a beautiful base into the side of a mountainous peninsula with plans to go all the way around to the other side. Survived a bunch of normally colony killing events and was feeling pretty good. I figure I should put some effort into defenses so I built a nice choke point outside my door/energy complex where all the past raid parties had focused on breaching my defenses.

So the AI spawns a small raiding party of only 3 pirates and I’m like bring it on. But instead of going for my front door they go behind my base and start mining through the rock wall where I guess I goofed and left only a single tile between my storage room and the desert. No problem I think. Everybody scurries over and I line up thinking that I will slaughter them. The wall opens up and a guy steps forward and tosses a grenade into the room.

Total Party Kill. Game over man. 8 hours down the drain. I love this game.


Haha, oh man. That’s painful but it’s stuff like that that makes these games so good.


Agreed. Probably my favorite game since Armageddon Empires.

Whatever happened to that guy?


Well in my current game he was married to a vat grown sex slave named Lady He was a psychopath so it was sort of a one sided thing. He was a sharpshooting human computer and a heck of a good guy until he insulted a fellow colonist who was a brawler armed with a steel mace and a personal shield. The fist fight did not turn out well. Buried him over by the brewery because I know that’s what he would have wanted.


I hate when that happens.


Not really…I’m finding the base game pretty satisfying and I think the other mods I’m using are cosmetic and barely necessary. :)


The publicity definitely caught my attention and I see a graphical Dwarf Fortress alike. DF is something I’ve tried very hard to play but was unable to latch on due to ASCII art. So I’m really curious about Rimworld now. Reading this thread from the beginning and rolling my eyes over that gender and RPS issues. I wish folks talk more about the game than that issue but yeah, I’m intrigued about this game for sure. Anyone played it on a Mac?


I do, and not only haven’t I experienced any issue so far (though I haven’t played it that much, for various reasons), but the game is nice enough to never heat up the laptop, and is one of those selected few that will synchronize your saved games between platforms.
Ah yes, a small issue here: fullscreen isn’t scaled properly on startup, so I used to have to redimension it - though I now play in a window.


Nice. I hate it when the fans start to blow, so this is a very good piece of news. And able to sync between platforms is even better news. I can play at work during lunch and continue at home on the PC. Thanks!!!


Pro tip - make sure your dog can’t access the beer keg.


So, I have been playing this game close to 5 hours, in my 2nd colony, the first one being more experimenting and learning. So far, I am not getting any of those cool story vibes that I read in this thread. I have a feeling it has to do with my play style. I now tend to be more impatient, hurrying a production by pressing on the time forward button just so I had this thing built or that thing mined, etc. Again, perhaps I am playing this game wrong. How do you get invested in the character? I mean, I do know they have many needs and unhappiness and I do try and solve all of them which again takes time and so I ended up fast forwarding again. And with the speed of the thing running, it’s hard to monitor and observe each character. Any pro tips?


I’m not a pro, and I can offer only obvious advice: slow down and smell the roses. When I was playing Rim World, I didn’t speed it up very often. I liked watching people interact, observing who insulted whom, trying to figure out who wanted what, following someone do their appointed rounds, etc. That seemed to keep me busy and entertained.

Then again, it may be more entertaining to have a somewhat dysfunctional colony. :)


Two observations on your issue @habibi, from someone who has only 9 hours in the game so far (bought it a couple of days ago):

  • Obviously slowing time down helps, but also checking in on their character and health tab every now and then. Sometimes you miss things, like after a raid I healed everyone up as normal and only later realised that one of my planters had their right arm blown off.
  • The further into a colony you are the weirder stuff gets, in my experience. The raids are tougher, colonists have time to start hating someone or develop weird injuries/diseases, and then further hardships can create some interesting situations.

My latest example: one of my colonists came with a yorkshire terrier whom he loved. During a raid the stupid dog ran in between a firefight and promptly got shot in the face. My cook, ever the pragmatist, decided that his first priority after the raid was over was to butcher the carcass and make a meal out of the dog meat. I check a couple of days later and the bonded owner of the animal is now eating the dog meal, and shortly after has a mental break. I forgot to check if the game actually tracked the source of the meal and added a debuff to his mood or whether it was a well-timed coincidence, but I like to think it was the former.


Yeah, sounds like I really need to slow down and read all those interactions between the character, otherwise I am missing the whole point of the game. But oh man, they are such whiners :) one complained about being nude and I need to get clothes for him but hey, he refused to make his own clothes. And they other likes to insult this nude guy.

I think I need to switch my mindset - this is a game on drama, not Civ V!

edit: oh boy, just witnessed two ladies having a fist fight after insulting each other! Now, that’s drama!