Rim World


Wanderlust update is now out as the default.

I kinda wrote this game off a long time ago after the dev posted about taking a break/quitting/whatever that was all about but damn if this isn’t a very impressive update.


I’m finishing my A15 game off first or it will more likely finish me off first :) Finally designed some good kill boxes and bunkers and got to Summer 5502. Even have a pair of pet Rhinos and Elephants although using them in combat has been a real mess.

Just FYI if you upgrade to A16 you will lose your save games since they are not compatible. You can set the game to use the A15 by right clicking on the name of the game in your steam library.

A16 looks awesome. Can’t wait to raid some pirate bases. Modders need to get to work though. I have my eye on a bunch of them but up until now I have been pretty conservative in using them since I wanted to say that I beat vanilla at least once.


Wow, looks like a great update. Global explorable world, new tech UI, other goodies. Will try it soon.


New game ending: A friendly person offers a ship, but it is distant, across the world map. If you travel there, you can escape the planet and complete the game. But, traveling there will take a long time and you’ll need to stop at various points to build up supplies or solve problems.[/quote]

Oregon Trail returns!


Wow yeah this update was unexpected. These are some major changes that make me want to play again. I’ve spent a lot of time in Rimworld, and sort of thought I was done with it, at least for a while. Now, though, I may need to dedicate a day or so to it to check out the changes.


I picked this up last week thanks to the “recommendation” queue. I was just trying to get my free Winter Sale cards but then there was RimWorld, taunting me, looking so tasty but not on sale. After thinking about it for a day, I pulled the trigger. It sat in my queue until Friday. On Friday I installed and went through the tutorial. Saturday morning I fired it up and started a new colony. What seemed like a few hours later, my wife walked in to the room and said I needed to take a break to eat. I figured it must be lunch time…but no, it was already 5:00 and she was nudging me to break for dinner.

I haven’t had a game cause me to lose a day like that in a long long time.


Yeah it seems really cool. @Knightsaber bought me a copy for Christmas and I put a few hours into my first colony and was enjoying it and getting the swing of things, but decided to put it aside until 1.0 drops for now, mostly due to my massive 3DS and PS4 backlog Christmas introduced.


You might be waiting a long time. It is hard to say, but so far this seems like one of those games that will never be complete, at least until the developer gets sick of it. We could still be years from a 1.0. It might still be an Alpha game, but it tons of fun as is.


If Alpha16 was released at 1.0, I would be satisfied with what I had purchased. The fact that more things are going to get added feels like an embarrassment of riches. The “storyteller” aspect of the game makes things so interesting too, to me. 3 different storytellers, each with their own difficulty levels, is a great idea. Once I get a few more games under my belt with the standard storyteller, I want to try it out with the random teller.


That’s usually my policy for EA games as well (beyond a bit of tinkering), but I think this one is an exception. Ludeon were ready to call it ‘1.0’ for the Steam release mid last year, but decided to keep adding to it for the foreseeable future.

This was from the blog on July 1 2016:

Now, for the first time, I look at the design and I don’t see gaping holes that need to be filled. Of course, there are still countless things that could be added to the game. I have a document listing hundreds of them. But they all feel optional to me. What’s there is a rounded, integrated design. In my mind the design always used to look like an irregular lump of Swiss cheese; now it’s more-or-less rounded and more-or-less smooth.

So is it done? I’ve thought a lot about what it means to call a game “done”. Ten years ago, a game was done when it was printed to disc. But with digital distribution, we never lose the ability to keep changing a game. So when is a game done? Is it just when you stop adding things? No, because a game can be abandoned without being finished. Is it when there’s nothing else that could be added? That’s not reasonable; I could work on RimWorld for 50 years and never satisfy that. In the end, I think that a game is done when promises have been fulfilled, and there aren’t holes in the design. And we’re reached that point, so RimWorld is done.

So you could consider any updates from now on as free DLC! :)


So why isn’t it at 1.0 and out of EA?


It could be. It isn’t. Magic!!!


Perhaps he feels that’s a safer label due to the amount of active development still taking place on the project.


I think there was a bit of a backlash, with some disagreement on the forums about the ‘holes in the design’ status.

Also some fear that v1.0 meant the game would not receive further updates, and threats of negative Steam reviews if it released as-is… :P


It might also be a nice way to not have to cope with the “here is your 7-9 grade like you were still in school, done with you, game.” that characterizes most of the game media news cycles.
Also prevents @tomchick from ever playing it again without somebody wed-requing it!


Have you played Factorio? I think Rimworld is a better game, but Factorio is a viable solution for deep space exploration - What? We’re where? Alpha Centauri? I haven’t optimised blue research yet!


Factorio has been on my Steam Wish List for a couple of months now. With the glut of backlog I have right now, I haven’t picked it up. I could tell by looking at it that I would lose myself in it. I didn’t see that same potential in Rimworld, instead figuring it would be more like Prison Architect, which I would play it for an hour or two at a time at most. But no, turns out that Rimworld was a trap. I think it’s the similar styling that tricked me.


I have to say that I was feeling the same about this as far as the EA status goes. But I figured A15 must be pretty meaty and after watching some let’s plays I took the plunge and was very glad that I did. I’m finished my current A15 game and will be ready to dive into A16 pretty soon. The game may say that it’s EA still but it’s very polished and it’s more like you just get free updates. Maybe it’s a psychological thing for the developer so that he feels like he has the freedom to radical change the game without everybody getting upset about this nerf or that buff/


My first game was going fine until Stubbs a former sheriff, like 70 yrs old, got bit by a SQUIRREL and was bedridden in the MIDDLE OF WINTER. Everybody loved him and was depressed… they didn’t want to get any food, and they all died… the end. The four of them did survive 4 raids…

This game is pretty frikkin cool!


The random events make this game so dang interesting.

Last night, Chester had a heart-attack while building a wind turbine pretty far from town. El Jefe, the town’s oddly named primary medic, managed to get him to the hospital. Unfortunately, Chester was too far gone and died before treatment could be administered. Lilly, a warg that had been bonded to Chester since the landing, went crazy and started rampaging through the town. At the same time, Lady, Chester’s wife, who also happens to be a former ninja and primary “muscle” of the town, fell in to a deep depression and wandered off to grieve.

Lilly jumped El Jefe, who did his best to defend himself with the shoddy wooden club that he had picked up from a raider a few days earlier. Shando the Orphan came running with his pistol to help out El Jefe…promptly shooting him in the head on accident. A few shots later, Lilly was down and Shando pulled El Jefe to the hospital for treatment.

After things settled down, the damage was extensive. Chester and Lilly the Warg were dead. El Jefe’s gunshot wound turned out to be untreatable; he wasn’t going to die, but he also would never wake up again. Lady eventually snapped out of her depression. The town had been reduced to 1 former ninja and 1 street urchin. Lady refused to plant, harvest, or cook anything. Shando was an artist at heart, unable to do anything more complex than turning rocks in to bricks.

The town was dead… all from a single heart attack.