Rim World

It is currently using pa art as a placeholder, with permission.

I know it is still early in alpha but I would like to hear an updated opinion on this because it looks cool and my willpower to resist buying this is fading quickly.

Looks quite intriguing, shame about the art direction though. And the price is a bit much for the budget to swing a buy right now, but I’m interested as well.

Reading the kickstarter, this is not accurate - the lead dev (who is not an artist) copied the PA style, with permission. It’s not using any PA assets.

They now have an artist, and the style still looks similar. I really don’t dig the look of the characters.

Can I request some more posts by people who are currently playing? I want to hear more about this game but don’t quite feel like springing for it myself, yet (but I most certainly will by the time it’s done).

(I know, it’s all me, me, me…)

Also for me, me, me. So it’s us, us, us.

Although at this rate I shouldn’t poke the bear because my S.O.P. on this is to wait until it’s $15 at most.

I put it aside until next alpha. Slated late January.

I backed this at the public alpha tier. I guess this is a pre alpha and not a “public alpha.” Developer says “public alpha” is later in the month.

I really hope that the art is truly placeholder as I really don’t like it in PA.

I believe it is closer to what it’s going to look like, as he’s got an artist and is working towards a final look.

You can read about it here: http://ludeon.com/blog/2013/12/rhopunzel-in-the-house/

Tried it yesterday. The game satisfies a particular itch i’ve got the last couple of days/week. The desire to build things that contribute to the progress and not easily destroyed. I didn’t feel like building things up in a tower defense game and have to start over again because i’ve advanced to next level or died trying.

Just tried this out for the first time (via the just-released Alpha 4). It’s fun, and definitely scratches the same itch that Towns did back when. It’s still early days, but it managed to eat through a considerable chunk of my evening.

The comparison to Towns is not a ringing endorsement of the game.

It really is the worst name ever :-)

Other than that, it looked fun in the beginning, but it also looks now like it gets bogged down in minutia, if thats the right word. Too much stockpile queues to work on and the like - is that correct?

Well, I liked Towns, personally, at least in the initial stages of its gameplay. RimWorld is already less fiddly, though, and it has the AI storyteller so you aren’t just staring at your colonists grinding wheat for hours.

I didn’t find it overly fiddly. You can set up different stockpiles (eg, put wood over here and food over there), and set priorities for them. You can toggle what sorts of jobs your colonists will do in a single screen so the micromanagement isn’t too bad. The main thing that still requires a lot of micromanagement is determining which weapons are wielded by which colonists (and also combat, of course, since you control them all manually once you set them into combat mode).

I did reach a certain point where I’d researched a lot of the available tech and fortified by base and there didn’t seem like a ton more to do, but it’s still in the early stages so I pretty much expected that.

So, is anyone playing this, and can comment on the state of the game right now?

I bought it and played quite a bit but it needs more content and some pretty basic balance changes but otherwise is still fun.

I haven’t played the latest patch which introduces climates and temperatures, which supposedly should solve one of my biggest issues - that of food spoilage. Once you got a crowd of people going it was pretty delicate. If you had multiple power outages due to random events and then eclipses all in a row you could easily get wiped out from lack of food. Apparently food should now spoil slower if kept cold. Having zero buffer before unless you bought and saved rations was maddening.

Bumping this thread because I just discovered this game and it seems pretty interesting (coming from someone who’s read about, but never played, Dwarf Fortress).

They’re still in Alpha, so I don’t even know what their schedule will be. And they’ve gotten Greenlit on Steam, though for the life of me I can’t find it in the Steam client (here’s the browser link and I favorited it there, but for the life of me I can’t locate the game in the Steam client). Heck, I can’t even find what I’ve favorited in the Steam client… I suck at this.

My initial exposure to this was from a Let’s Play from Quill18 on youtube (initial link is here), for anyone who’s interested in seeing it in action.

If I could add it to my watchlist on Steam I would. As it is, I’ll just keep it tucked in the back of my mind for now.

Is this really similar to Prison Architect, as was mentioned above?

It’s not on steam yet afaik, that’s why it doesn’t show up.

Dev said he doesn’t want that kind of exposure yet.

I bought this a week ago and haven’t done anything but play it since. It may be my ultimate game. I’m not saying it’s yours - it’s the game that has finally sucked me into the Dwarf Fortress vibe.

By the way, if you’re planning on getting it, there is one must-have mod that vastly improves the game’s GUI - don’t even think of playing without it:


A mod for a game in alpha. Wow, I had no idea that existed. I may have to try it out.

I got in on this one early. Progress has been pretty slow, but steady. Probably a very small team, if not just 1 guy. I get an email every time there’s an update, but I haven’t been back in to it in a while.