Rim World


If there are some Rimworld challenged people like me, @Jason_McMaster posted a revised newbie guide for the new version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh-JTgEzYWQ


2 hours! Wowzers. Something to do on the treadmill, yay!

EDIT: Hell no I don’t spend 2h on a treadmill.


Aw shucks! If you have any questions let me know. I’m over 250 hours played at this point


Man, I am captain Micro Manage compared to you…you just let it ride.


Great story… thanks for the write up.

I’ve been playing on peaceful – no raids – simply so I can learn basebuilding better. But my trio got attached by an angry beserk Muffalo and all died. So much for peaceful setting.

Thanks, Jason!

I also liked this succinct guide on basebuilding. https://youtu.be/4866sHGSjV8


I’m a big fan of setting up the rules, etc, and then letting it go. Of course, I have to step in and deal with issues all the time, but I love seeing what they come up with.


Defense was never my strongest suit, though I do OK. I need to develop some decent strategies. For the most part, I try to wall everyone in and use terrain. Those traps can be pretty effective.


I’ve built some really nice kill boxes using walls, turrets and steel traps. There is definitely a tower defense aspect to the game which I really like. It’s really fun to build bunkers and fall back positions too.

You can’t just hunker down though. There are also a lot of events that require you to sally out from the kill boxes or else bad things happen.

I would love to see some cool things like advanced traps where I could use all those cobra eggs to build snake pits or add pendulums or acid vats. Haven’t seen any mods for that yet. Did find a nice landmine mod that I have been meaning to check out.


Yeah, I am more like Vic, where I figure out where my kill boxes are going to be placed before I start building.

Watching you play, I see I play a much more militaristic style - the first thing they go for is their guns after landing, then work on a strategically defensive position (and growing). My grunts start with nutrient paste and slowly graduate to a cook and meals as the team grows in size.

Horseshoes? Art? What are those things?

I hit pause every second it seems, and reposition someone. The objective of my colony is to get as many guys as possible (and be able to feed them). and I stack em up in the prison and try to convert them. Captured Weapons are a huge focus for me.

If there is a very important construction project - I micro manage that as well, and moving items to a local stock pile is very important for me. On raids I anally micro each target it seems - RW’s ‘natural’ targeting is awful. They all fire at the same dude as he is closest to everyone - sure they kill him, but shots are wasted and the rest of the enemy party gets in brawling range. I make sure I disable grenade lobbers first. If you can’t it is bad news. Motar-ing pending raids is helpful to gain an advantage. Sandbags slow them down.

I think in general micro managing exposes more warts in the game logic and can make the pacing slow and more frustrating as it does not do what you want them to do. There have been some games I have stopped as the attack seems repetitive and I know I can win with micro but it becomes more work than fun - but from my POV leaving them on their own causes bad decisions to be made - as with the one dude that wandered off with a pending raid in your play.

I am certainly not saying my play style is better - but my OCD nature in God play prevents me from just running a day on high speed and seeing what comes up. If I trusted the logic more I would probably micro less.


I guess the reason I go less hardcore, specifically at the beginning, is
they hardly ever send anything serious for a while. However, I’ve never
done nutrient paste and am kind of curious now…


Really enjoyed your stream Jason. Makes me want to pick up Rim World. Hope your back is feeling better. :)


Nutriend paste is really good at the start when you don’t have a guy with cooking skills or don’t want to have someone cooking all day but it gives a mood penalty. I always try to go for fine meals asap.


And trigger pulled. Damn you McMaster! ;)



I haven’t played in a while, and I notice that the devs recently added bug hives that are especially likely to spawn in mountain bases. I welcome such a change. One reason I lost interest is that it seemed too easy to dig deep into a mountain to create a secure fortress. I imagine these hives have changed all that? Does anyone build mountain bases anymore?


I play on rough difficulty and they are pretty rare, only had them once in my current game.

They are a pain when they do appear tho, since they spawn atleast 5 melee bugs and you have to fight them in close quarters.


My first game I was mining and my miners were getting an impending sense of doom the more they dug, and were finding some sort of un-minable black metal that I managed to carve out and see the complete (all four walls) shape of, but no door. I was super curious what was inside (if anything?) or if more doom and scary notices would pop up, but none ever did (though I haven’t loaded that game in a little while, to be fair, so maybe I wasn’t patient enough or had the right tech to further explore).




You should be able to “claim” the wall and then deconstruct it (instead of mining it). I won’t spoil what you’ll find inside


Haha well, I guess I’m playing RimWorld tonight. :)