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Late last night and the night before


I tried “farming” the infestation jelly once but I wasn’t very good at it. I micro a lot as it is and it was way too micro intensive.

Apparently, if you keep your underground areas well lit, it cuts down on the infestation chances. Next time I play I’m going to use a mod that makes the lamps a little more reasonable in watt cost. Right now the suck a lot of energy and I can barely keep up. Even with building nice switches and circuits, if I turn the crematorium on, the lights go brown a lot of times :)

I started out with mountain bases but now I like to get stone cutting quickly and build lots of granite walls.


Seriously, you can build a spaceship but the bulbs take 75W!?


Lost my first colony quite suddenly to heatstroke, each one trying to help the others before succumbing. Also wasn’t on top of food preservation.

This next round, I’m all about temperatures. What’s the best way to plan for extreme temperatures? Why is my food not refrigerated even when a cooler is adjacent to it, with the blue tile on the food side and the red title on the outside?

Is there a better wiki than rimworldwiki.com?


Did you click the cooler and lower its temperature to -X° degrees? The default temperature is 21°C, which is fine for keeping living quarters cool, but not for freezers.

Also, ensure that the first thing you research is Passive Cooling.


I mostly play desert so heat management is something that I too learned the hard way. Gets downright frigid in the winters too. Food is always my first priority. Get crops planted while I build my freezer. Always make sure that you can expand the freezer later.

Then I make sure that all my building has temperature control by building heaters/cooler in hallways and common areas and then using the vents. I also hold open doors in common areas like the dining room and rec room. Slow controlled expansion works best for me.

Passive coolers are nice for emergencies but since wood is at such a premium in the desert I tend to not bother.

Need to try a tribal start some day. Or extreme desert. Been honestly too scared of starving. :) Some players seem to do amazing things on ice sheets but it usually involves raider soup or colonist pie.


You have to manage the temp because it takes power to cool. Just setting the temp is not enough, you have to check the squares in the room as time goes by to make sure things have cooled down. Square footage matters too - though I am sure a google can give you some optimal sizes for a unit.


Also, it’s a good idea to have a 2 tile insulation thickness. At least that’s what I have read and it seems to work. Still haven’t mastered the art of using the hot exhaust to make indoor green houses without hydroponics.


In general, you are going to want your freezer, if it’s of a decent size, to have 2 coolers blowing in to it. In the higher temp days (especially a heat wave), a single cooler will struggle to keep your food frozen. I like to use a 50 - 60 tile freezer (6 x 9, typically) with an external wall to blow the hot air out. I don’t like the micro of building and tearing down roofs to min/max the direction of the hot air; I just blow it outside or in to a central chimney.

I personally like to keep my temps set to -2C to keep the room in a state where the food will stay frozen even if there is a lot of foot traffic opening/closing the door.

If you have animals in your colony, make sure you set up an Animal zone that excludes your freezer. Animals seem to love to hang out in the freezer, and all that extra opening of doors can overwhelm your coolers. As you get more and more animals tamed, they can end up having the door almost permanently opened.


That’s great, thanks for pointing out the temperature settings. The UI design is a bit of a struggle for me, although it does work well and make sense once I start to get a handle on a particular thing. This game is so deep and I’ve barely started, I think.

Last night I had my first patient operation. Poor Nate got an infection in his left leg and we were out of meds for a while. By the time Gertrude was able to treat the leg, it was too late and I had to learn how to set up an amputation and the installation of a peg leg. When she finally finished, Nate died and the game said that Gertrude had “crushed” him, whatever that means. Then I had to figure out what’s supposed to be done with bodies, and in the process learned about some of the grisly alternatives that are available if you’re feeling evil.

Can animals haul incapacitated colonists, if trained?

Edit: Forgot to ask, how do you set up a dedicated animal food area? I mean, I know how to create it and expand it and assign animals to it, and I know how to set up a food zone overlapping with it, but colonists seem to drop food wherever they want if presented with more than one location choice, and all of the food is going into the main food zone.


Reminder to watch @Jason_McMaster’s Rim World stream. Lots of great hints there.


Advanced intelligent animals can be trained to drag bodies and to haul items to storage. Dogs and Wild Boars are my pets of choice for that duty.

For a dedicated pet food area, it’s a multi-step process.

  1. use the “zone” tool to set up an Animal 1 zone. Assign a large area where you want them to be able to wander; make sure to NOT include your freezer area or crops.

  2. create a storage area where you do want your animals to eat, within the Animal 1 zone

  3. Change the settings in your freeze/colonist food storage and uncheck “Kibble” and “Hay”

  4. Change the setting in your animal feeding area and uncheck everything except for Kibble and Hay.

  5. go in to the “animals” tab and switch all your pets to Animal 1 zone. (if you have carnivores, you can leave them on Unrestricted if you’d like so that they can snag meat from your freezer)

Now your pawns will put human food in your main freezer and will put kibble and hay in your animal feeding area. Your animals, since they are forbidden from going in to your freezer, will eat the hay/kibble. One thing I like to do is keep the animal feeding area off limits during the warmer seasons and keep the Animal 1 zone so that it includes a lot of pasture land. The animals will graze on grass and bushes, which both grow back quickly. Once the snow starts falling, I open up the animal feeding area, which has been stocked with hay-grass and kibble.


Picked up this and Factorio together. Tried Factorio first as I reckoned it would be more my thing. Found it fiddly and a bit tedious. It was like playing the original Sim City fighting the road UI to get things aligned and in the right direction only to eventually tear it all up and start again.

Rimworld has less direct control but I’m finding it far more enjoyable.


I also messed with Factorio and found it to be the same for me. I like it, but it’s kind of tedious and weird.


Is there anything I can make a video of in RimWorld that people could use for help? I love the game and play it all the time, so I’m sure I could make a video about something or other that may be confusing.


I know it sounds boring but you should make a video about trading! It took me the longest time to figure out how to build a comms console and then build a stockpile area where the beacon was. Trading can save your life if you have an event that threatens your food supply and you were living on the edge. Bought pemmican one time to make it through the winter.


Love the trading idea. Being so late to the game and having not yet watched your videos, Jason, I’m probably the last one who should make requests, but I’ll be experimenting with breeding livestock soon.


Oh, sure thing! I’d be happy to do so


Can someone help me out here. I don’t really get how the power distribution works. I have solar panels and couple of batteries but for some reason my aircon doesn’t get any power at night, even though the batteries are charged. I can’t find anywhere that explains it properly. Added a screenshot below:


I might be mistaken, but I think you need to connect the panel to the batteries, and the batteries to the appliances.