Rim World


Just speed up time. Soon enough, crazy shit will happen.


I was building a starship and got greedy. There was a huge herd of Muffalo that showed up, so I set like 6 of them to “tame”. 3 of my people were out taming at the same time when one of them hit a critical failure, triggering “Revenge: Muffalo”. The entire herd of 10+ Muffalo quickly killed 2 of the tamers plus disabled the other one. My medic ran out to try to save the disabled guy and quickly dropped as well before I could stop him. 3 people dead, 1 disabled, 4 left in the base. 2 of my remaining 2 were pacifists. My ordered my remaining 2 to the front defensive area, where they, with the help of my auto-turrets, mowed down the herd as they attempted to assault my front gate. Meanwhile, my disabled colonist bled to death in the field.

Not really sure if I’m going to continue with the colony or not. The raids have been coming in hard and heavy since I started building the ship parts. Losing my 3 best combat folks along with my primary medic may be crippling. Not sure I can hold the line against the next set of raids.


There are some (I think) pills names wake-up that dropped from a cargo pod. How do I force my characters to pick them up and store them? It won’t let me put the “haul” trait on it nor speed up priority. Thanks :)


Usually this is because you don’t have a stockpile location created that has the drug name checked off for storage. At least that’s what has often been the issue for me.


The more I play this game the less I like how often pure bullshit happens and you’re powerless to deal with it.

Plus the sheer volume of people who refuse to do things is really getting annoying. You only have like 4-5 people, 2-3 of them refuse to do critical things.

It would be nice if my people could shoot a gun worth a damn as well. 13+ in shooting, I miss 80% of the time.


Funny you should say this, I had just decided today in fact I’m going to pass on this one for this very reason. Well, this and the fact that every little thing you do appears to require looking up or asking how to do it when you find in game it doesn’t function as you expected. Way too much work for me to call that the sort of experience I find entertaining gaming.

I’ll have more fun I suspect reading the fun others are having from the emergent stories they describe in this thread than I would from playing it myself.


I’m playing this less and Dig or Die and Astroneer more. Still love watching @Jason_McMaster playing though.


Two solutions:

No More Lazy Pawns makes all colonists perform Hauling and Cleaning, including any subsequent joiners:


Prepare Carefully allows you to edit the starting team, you can then change any backgrounds with task restrictions:



Strongly recommend Prepare Carefully. No more frustration, and easy to install.


Malaria. In the mountains in the winter.

I call bullshit.


Space Malaria!


I think I’m done with this for the moment as well. The story telling AI is a good idea on paper. In practice though, it seems indistinguishable from just throwing random events at the player at regular intervals.


I still can’t figure out caravans. During this harsh war i was forced to slaughter my cows because I ran out of food, then later medicine. Several people came down with the flu and I wanted to send someone to a town nearby to see if I could buy some medicine, but it looks like I can’t carry anything?

Can anyone explain going to other places better to me?


I am sure that is exactly what it is. There is no overall story, just random events every so often.


What storyteller?

There are 3 types, one is totally random (Randy Random), other one start with low difficulty and ramp up with time giving harder events and raids everytime (Cassandra Classic). The last one is Phoebe something i never played but i think it basically is the sandbox build mode, little to no enemy raids or bad events.

They all have different difficulty levels, maybe you are a in a hard one? You can change storyteller midgame.


This game has so much potential for amazement and narrative but in many cases it is kind of like the cave in Empire Strikes Back. What’s inside is sometimes “only what you take with you.” :D

Here’s a fun colony I built but got a bit tired of after several in game years:

And here’s another colony that I had a lot of fun with when I decided I was going to travel to the location of a hidden spaceship (it’s an in game event you get sometimes). The launch pods can only launch you 66 hexes though so this took a few hops.

This is the first base as the seven women are one man are loading up the launch pods to leave:

And here’s the second base as they prepare to leave:

And here’s base 3:

You can see the bases get progressively more spare as I got down the preparations to a science. Here’s base 4

And finally the last base before hiking the last 3 days via caravan:

This colony was called Tarmanker after the three founding women, Tara, Mandy, and Kerri. There were several ups and downs along the way here. Sadly, Roman, Kerri’s husband, was killed in an attack shortly into the second phase of the journey.

Later, Tara’s leg was shot off with a charge rifle by Erin when she had to make a difficult shot to save Tara from a pack of hungry wargs.

We later found a space pirate who sold us a bionic leg to replace the peg leg Erin had expertly installed. (Although Erin was a bad shot, she was a great surgeon.)

Anyway, I adore this game. I’ve recorded 256 hours on Steam and probably played it 100 hours prior to that when it hadn’t reached Steam yet.

The mods I’m using are:

Tilled Soil - This is overpowered frankly but it makes it possible to create indoor farms which I really enjoy
Realistic Rooms Lite - Makes the room requirements for happy more realistic.
Efficient light - Lights are 25w instead of 75w.
Programmable Air Vents - Makes temperature control easier and more fun. Well balanced imo
Camps! - Can set up camp
Camping Stuff - Things to make camping better
ED-Embrasures - This is game breaking and fundamentally the best mod. It allows you to build castle-like fortifications that provide gun holes. To me it adds a lot of realism but it does make it insanely easier to fend off attackers.


That’s awesome, Spoof. It’s my favorite game for sure. I might do a long stream this weekend.


Haven’t tried out any of the mods, but this is definitely the best descendant of Dwarf Fortress. Plus, it is Sci-Fi, which is my favorite genre!


Nice mods. Thanks.


Man I love this game so much. It’s one of those rare things that lets me get so absorbed I can forget all the horrible stuff happening in real life.

This is the active mod list I’m using (and the order they should be in) and it makes a huge difference in gameplay. Making the game much better without changing balance. I shouldn’t, but I use prepare carefully to change a few things when I start because I’m still learning. But it can be nice if you roll the character you hoped for but they’re the wrong sex, hate the way they look, or start with a useless animal. I use stack XXL to double the size of stacks which I think is the right balance for the game. Most stack mods go with 10x which is way too cheaty for me.