Rim World


They can join after you help them as well, it’s just less likely. It happens a lot more/at all, since the last update.


Do you happen to know what that chance is based on as in… is there a way to know how good of a shot you have for getting an escape pod turned human pizza but into 3 dimensions again to join you?


I don’t, actually, but I’ll say that I didn’t used to go save them after a point because it was just throwing away health packs, but after this patch, it has been a lot higher chance. I’ve managed to get 2 or 3 to join out of probably 10 or so, so take that for what you will.

It MIGHT have to do with beauty/impressiveness, but who knows?


Yeah getting medicine efficiently manufactured has been harder than I thought. Every time I start a colony, I start thinking further ahead. First it was all about temperature, then I shifted to security, now I’m rethinking workshop productivity… and how to get the one colonist with a chemical fetish to stop bingeing on all the drugs the pirates leave behind next to their corpses.


Want to hear something hilarious? I didn’t have my zones setup right for a long time (trial by error). And at one point had 5 chickens who OD’d on flake. Then my best dog, who was PREGNANT, got addicted to Psyche. It took me a long time to figure out how they were getting it or why as I’d zoned out the place I stored drugs. It ended up being 3 different reasons:


  • “Drop on Ground” is the command I use for most manufacturing. This gave dogs a chance to eat it and with a huge sprawling complex it’s hard to get animals to always eat their designated feed.

  • They could walk right next to where the drugs were stored (open roofed area) so they could still sample drugs even though they weren’t going on the square.

  • Dogs do 80% of my hauling so they literally had the drugs in their mouths.[/spoiler]


One of the grand old posters on Qt3 actually wrote a real book on how to play DF. Naturally, I purchased it out of solidarity, and dug in. About a 1/3rd of the way through, I just threw up my hands and admitted to myself that I would never be interested in DF.

And this is coming from a kid who was playing SPI’s Air War when he was 14. I know complicated and obfuscated.


My Husky had that problem for a second. In general I hate the stock pile system in this game. I feel like I’m going to find myself up to a hundred different stockpiles just to keep things manageable.

It’s a sci-fi game with no concept of storage beyond pile these things here… which is crazy.


This mod saved me (and now I also sort once my colony gets a bit more advanced) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=826366050

I set it to double the size of stacks and since I’m a hoarder that nearly cut the number of piles I have in half. It really feels like the perfect balance to me.


The odds of a escape pod pawn joining your colony depend on how many colonists you already have. Each story teller has an ‘ideal’ number of colonists it wants you to have. If you’re below that, odds go up and you get more pawn gain events. This is why you only get those ‘Wanderer’ events in the early game or after you lost a ton of colonists due to some disaster.


Ooh that’s interest. I could use for someone of my colonist top stop making tiny stacks but large stacks would help too. Is it safe to add this to saved game… I’m thinking probably not based on it saying when you change the setting reset,

Oh this makes sense but it is also a little sad. I mean… It’s like Christmas morning when you get a new wanderer even if they are a neurotic lazy person with asthma who spends hours each day meditating… at least they, you know, haul things sometimes.


Yeah. I can’t remember what the number is but its soft-capped in the mid teens?


Once you have the electric crematorium, set a bill to burn drugs forever. Also place a stockpile for only the drugs you want to get rid of right next to the crematorium they burn drugs one at a time and if they are located far away it will take too long to burn them all.


I thought I was supposed to get my captured pirates addicted to drugs and send them back home on all peg legs so the next time they try to set-up a mortar attack they’re stumbling around and dazed looking for more drugs… or so I read. heh.


Actually, that would be a good strategy if you didn’t have a pawn with chemical fascination.

You can still do the peg leg thing. It’s good training in medicine and the pirates you release do often come back as part of later attacks so having their mobility reduced is indeed helpful.


The funny thing is I didn’t even realize Jessie had a chemical fascination until one night she went on a caffeine binge. She was my best physician until I purchased sex boy toy Jay. His fascination in medicine has had him surpass her now, and he’s my best physician these days.

The first mortar attack had me freak out a little bit so I sent my colonist rushing over there before they could get it up, and thought wow this gave me great supplies and almost no kills except Jay took a headshot. I really thought he had brain damage instead but he wound up with his jaw shot-off, like literally he has no jaw which seemed to have very little consequence except I can’t imagine him being the beautiful slave boy I purchased anymore but… no worries when Jessie isn’t bingeing on Coffee or Tea she installed a hydraulic jaw for poor Jay. He’s pretty again, a great shot and a healer. Once the husky puppies are born, I’m hoping he’ll bond with one to help him avoid being targeted during raids.


Or you can just use the fireplace.


You’re in luck as you just misinterpreted it! Once you load your game and then choose what stacking multiplier you want, shut down the game then relaunch it. You might want to move stuff to a temp zone then back again to force your colonists to use the max stack depth.


Oh so it’s not a problem for saved games, just resetting the game. Got it. Thanks!


Happy I could help :)


Does anyone know if the proximity of pirate outposts affects the frequency or intensity of raids?

I’ve been making it a mission to take out all the outposts within drop pod distance from my current colony. It is so very satisfying to drop in, build mortars and defenses and lay siege to them for a change.