Rim World


Decided to play some in my hotel room last night while I was downloading updates to some other games. Then, 4 hours later, I went to bed.


I don’t know and wondered the same thing.


edit: LOL, my bad, wrong thread.


Crazy to think the developer said he felt the game was done a year ago or maybe it was even longer, then took a 6 month break. Only to come back and update the heck out of it for over a year. And now to release it. Imagine the money he’d of left on the table.


I thought they were working on Alpha 17?


Yeah, I believe this game is in perm Alpha, which I believe gives him the license to be forgiven with it as he can do with it as he pleases and an excuse when he breaks something. 7 days to die looks like it is the same way. These projects are about the journey, not the destination with 100s of thousands of participants.


He did not think it was done. It was stable but needed continued development. He had a couple of other guys working on the game as well so it was not like progress stopped entirely. Ty said he felt burned out and needed to take a rest. He originally was going to put it on Steam EA before his break but was convinced otherwise because of the blowback he would have received. Thus he likely did not leave any money on the table. With fresh ideas he was able to come back to it, put it on EA and update it with new features while achieving a great Steam rating and some fantastic sales.


Ah ha! And now I know the full story!


See my edit.


Alpha 17 is out! I’ll be streaming it in an hour or two. I’ll update the streaming thread and over here!


Here’s a quick question - should I stream crashlanded or rich explorer? I kind of like Explorer lately because it’s only 1 guy


Finally! I’ve been waiting ages for this to drop before starting a new game.

e: “Sun lamps now turn themselves off when plants are resting” - nice!


There’s a ton of sweet quality of life stuff. The game seems to be running a lot better as well. The world map doesn’t take a long time to load.


Looks cool, but I guess I might as well wait until the mods update.


I’ve never used mods for this game, but I know people like them. I guess the mod scene is kind of daunting to me.


I use it primarily for variety. I like the vegetable one, the ability to perform surgery on the pets, expanded surgery in general, the refrigerators, oh and anything to do with inventory because inventory manage sucks in vanilla (craters, barrels, etc.)

From what I’ve read this update changes how mods work, for the better, but… it means nearly all if not all of the existing mods are now broken.


The one I keep thinking about is the one that makes lightbulbs not use an entire battery worth of electricity.


You know I thought about that one too. I add my mods over time. The amount of energy a single light bulb uses is pretty insane. Also, what are we in the 1800s… how come so many of my electric lines just spontaneously combust anyway? Oh well, I guess I gotta take that with the man eating squirrels.


Oh God, I hate that. I’ve lost more colonies to fire than any other danger combined.


Huh, I just treated someone’s asthma with a natural medicine - I didn’t know you could grow primatine mist